11 oh-so-Miami spots for your next meeting

The working world, especially that #startuplife, is all about meetings to impress someone enough to fund, hire or work with you. Yea, you should be impressing that future investor, partner, or client with your actual work. But it doesn’t hurt to also look super keyed into the Miami scene with a clutch meeting spot. Here are the best spots for that:

Buena Vista Deli, Buena Vista

If you’re a resident of the charming little Buena Vista neighborhood, then you know this lovely little French Bistro well. It’s a neighborhood staple with amazing pastries, cheap prices, and they don’t give you dirty looks if you sit there with you laptop for hours on end. Perfect for the creative collaboration meeting — and even if those aren’t your intentions, chances are you’ll run into someone you know and have an unexpected business rendezvous.

Panther Coffee, Wynwood

This is one is rather obvious. Miami’s first real specialty coffee shop and one of the original pioneers of Wynwood’s hipster vibe is still a go-to for that grab-a-coffee Miami meeting. Whether you’re in a suit or snapback, it’s the common ground for the masses. And if the person you’re meeting with isn’t familiar with the area, they’ll probably be impressed with how “cool” you are.

Cafe Curuba, Coral Gables

This little gem is awesome for that lunch meeting with your favorite person from the office. They feature amazing coffee from both Panther and Counter Culture, homemade pastries so good they should be illegal, and fresh lunch options. Oh, and they are some of the nicest people around. We hesitate to even share this one with you because part of the draw is that it’s never overcrowded, which is a surprise because it’s rather stellar.

All Day, Downtown

We know, we know, all the cool kids are doing it. It’s all about All Day MIA right now. It’s plastered all over our Instagram feeds and with good reason. This new downtown addition located next door to The Corner is simply slaying it. It’s spacious, minimalist in design, and serves up some pretty banging coffee and brekky. Since this is the new hotness right now, it’s pretty perfect for both meeting and for posting up that classic IG shot of the laptop and coffee.

Wynwood Yard, Wynwood

This outdoor event space, hang out, entrepreneurial hub came on the scene and stole the show. It’s got everything you need for a laid-back meeting: cocktails from Mortar & Pistol, cuisine from several dope pop-ups and food trucks, and a vibrant setting.  

Soho Beach House, Mid-Beach

This is as Miami meeting as it gets. If showing off a little (or a lot) is what you had in mind, there is literally no better place to plan a meeting than the members-only, celebrity swarmed resort. It screams, “Look how trendy and awesome I am!” It’s stunning. It’s expensive. And it’s exclusive. Doesn’t get more Miami than that.

Miam Cafe, Wynwood

Inside the famous black and white striped Wynwood building is Miam Cafe, one of Miami’s most underrated cafes. We also hesitate to share this one because despite it being in the middle of the new tourist trap of Wynwood, it’s never crowded. You can skip that epic Panther coffee line and all that hype and come here for some solid coffee, tons of outlets, comfy seating, and a menu that seems to keep improving. Those that know Miam frequent it, because whether it’s a quick coffee or a deep dive on business strategy, it’s perfectly suited for your needs.

The Corner, Downtown

What would we do without our beloved Corner? In a slightly seedy part of downtown, it’s the best place for a happy hour meeting with someone you’ve already established a bond with. No pretense. No ocean view. Just a dope hangout with great cocktails and the possibility of either getting stabbed, overhearing a crazy conversation, or having the best time of your life. And their $3 happy hour menu is legit.

Vice City Bean, Downtown

This specialty coffee shop is new to Downtown, in the Filling Station Loft. But being new hasn’t stopped it from gaining a loyal following, since the location is gorgeous, the coffee is divine, and the service is warm. It’s got plenty of space and your instinct is to settle in and stay awhile.

The Anderson, Little River

The newest hipster craft cocktail bar on the block needs to be on the list. We love what the guys from Bar Lab have done with the former gay hot spot, Magnum. Although we will dearly miss the old days with their New York-style piano bar vibes, the Anderson has made its way into one of our favorite places to grab a drink. This place is money for evening meetings over a stiff, well-crafted adult beverage.

Los Pinareños, Little Havana

This place is awesome for low-key meetings minus people anxiously wringing their hands over their laptops or shivering in too much AC. They have good coffee, awesome juices blended right there with fruit from the produce section, and batidos, smack in the heart of Little Havana. It’s just as Miami as Soho House, in its own way.