6 surprising foods you can get delivered in Miami

For those days you spend wrapped up in a snuggie, your body fusing into your couch cushion, never fear, your culinary choices are as far and wide as your grumbling belly is empty. And all you have to do is lift a single finger. Here are some of the most unexpectedly delicious foods you can get delivered in Miami, all with the tap of an app.


Ever roll over in your bed in the middle of the night and think “Coooookies?” Well, this sweet spot in Miami Beach can satisfy that unreasonable craving. Heralding itself as a late-night bakery, Insomnia Cookies’ hours are wholly representative of their namesake. They open their doors at noon and keep baking until 5 in the morning, but be aware — deliveries stop at 3 a.m. They also deliver warm brownies, cakes, ice cream, and even a chilled glass of milk. Sample menu items include the s’mores deluxe cookies, a 9-inch cookie cake, and a cookiewich, which is essentially an ice cream sandwich cookie. You can monitor that cookie progress with their cookie tracker, which tracks your order from confirmed, to baking, to delivered.

Burgers and shakes

Burgers all day, erry day — that’s what Cheeseburger Baby hopes to add to your life. Whether you’re sitting on the beach and just too comfortable to get up, or in the middle of a v. important Netflix-binge, Cheeseburger Baby will deliver everything from a double bacon cheeseburger to a handmade milkshake at the click of a button. Also, cheese fries, because it’s never too late for cheese fries. And the best part is they’re open from 11 a.m. to 5 a.m., so you can have that cheeseburger for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (But you probably shouldn’t.)


Enjoying some Netflix and chill, but needing an aphrodisiac to seal the deal? Just order some oysters from Mignonette. Through its partnership with Caviar restaurant, anything from this Edgewater seafood and oyster bar’s menu is now mobile. So once you’re done with that oyster appetizer, order some chilled South African lobster tail with a warm croissant on the side. You can tell bae you cooked it yourself — we won’t squeal. 

$550 Caviar

“You don’t need a reason, you are at Basel.”

Encouraging patrons to “enjoy generously,” Roe Caviar is running a ridiculous campaign through the first week of December, offering $550 caviar delivery 24/7 throughout Art Basel week. All you have to do is text ROEBASEL to 77948, and you can blow half a month’s rent on a 250-gram tin of caviar, delivered in less than an hour.


If you’re lucky, you might catch the beloved baby blue Ms. Cheezious food truck rollin’ through your hood right around lunchtime. But, if you’re super craving some delicious liquid gold in the form of oozing cheese between two pieces of Texas Toast, and can’t find your favorite truck, worry not. Thanks to its partnership with Caviar, a Ms. Cheezious bacon and blue grilled cheese sandwich can be delivered in Miami directly to your door, and into your hungry mouth.

DIY dinner

Hey remember those things called kitchens? You could also try to put in a little effort and actually cook your own meal, you know. But not too much effort, because there’s a delivery service that lets you avoid the grocery store hassle all together. Instacart lets you instantly buy groceries from places like Whole Foods, Costco, Winn-Dixie, and Petco (if you’re into that sort of thing). In about an hour, you’ll got groceries on your doorstep. And now, you can order some insta-booze to complete your meal because they deliver liquor and wine, too.