7 ways to have a healthy-ish happy hour in Miami

A few weeks ago, we asked for your best ideas to stay healthy while you work, and you guys did not disappoint. Today, we’re bringing you seven of our favorite tips, all sent in by our readers. Thanks to everyone who submitted, and a special thanks to Kunya Rowley, Rachel Streitfeld, Rusty Butler, Sidonia Rose Swarm, Jennifer Kaminski and Jessica Shraybman for these genius tips:

  1. Start with an easy one — make the healthier menu choice. If you’re at a lunch meeting, order a salad. Out for coffee? Opt for a herbal tea. Yes, it’s tempting to go big if someone else is footing the bill, but it can be hard on your health.
    • Dirt – Don’t let the name fool you. They’ve got seriously delicious grub.
    • Della Bowls – Always a favorite with our team.
    • Smart Bites – Shout out to our neighbor! Not only do they have food great for the body but you can stroll around their own urban garden for a mental break.
  2. Schedule a “walk and talk” instead of coffees or beers. Brainstorm with colleagues while you’re getting fresh air, walking through historic districts, along the Baywalk, in Museum Park, or any of Miami’s many pedestrian paths. Feeling even more adventurous? Take your meetings on a paddleboard!
    • Bayfront Park is calling your name.  Step away from your cubicle and the concrete jungle for some green space and saltwater air.
    • If you are up to the challenge. Check out these places to rent paddle boards.
  3. Stop staring at that spot on the wall during your conference calls, and take that call on the go instead. Go for a walk outside while you’re listening in, and get closer to your daily steps goal in the meantime.
    • Take some time to walk the Wynwood Walls and enjoy the street art.  Bonus: It tends to be a little less crowded during the weekdays.
    • Why walk when you can ride.  Take advantage of all the Citi Bikes and Lime Bikes we see popping up everywhere.
  4. Invite your colleagues to a workout class and schedule a chat afterwards. You might be sweaty, but those endorphins will make your “meeting” a lot more enjoyable.
    • Have a stressful job? Calm your worried mind with some Yoga
    • Need release? Check out an intense workout at a gym like Anatomy or Fight Sports Miami. Or really mix it up with a workout at Vixen.
  5. Don’t show up to a networking event hungry. Eat a small, healthy meal beforehand, so if there’s nothing of sustenance at the event, you won’t feel compelled to hit the drive-thru on your way home.
  6. Take 15 minutes and meal prep at home to avoid those sweet and salty snacks calling your name in the co-working kitchen. You can also keep healthy snacks like walnuts or raisins in your car for days when you’re on the go.
  7. Hit the office happy hour without drinking. You can order a sparkling water with lime at the bar, or just tell people you’re driving.
    • Michael’s Genuine makes their own house-made soda.  No high-fructose corn syrup here! Plus fun flavors that rotate on a seasonal basis.

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