Alex Dominguez

District 3


Pharmaceutical executive

B.A., Florida International University

M.A., Public Administration

Ran for the seat four years ago as well

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1. Where do you stand on the Miami Forever Bond program?

I am against the Miami Forever Bond Program. As someone with a Masters Degree in Public Administration I realize the Bond falls way short on dollars as well specifics as to how and what it will be spent on. The next mayor  should provide more details and specifics to the voters. This bond initiative was half baked by an exiting lame duck Mayor Regalado. If your going to get voters to vote for more debt, you better get it right the first time and provide an oversight board to make sure the $$$ goes where its supposed to go.

2. The City of Miami has tremendous income disparity. What are your plans for prioritizing inclusive development, particularly expanding the scope of affordable housing?

The City should consider acquiring vast tracts of land and create a land bank in parts of towns such as Little Havana, Allapatah, and Liberty City/Overtown by eminent domain and seek public/private partnerships with developers to build affordable and workforce housing in these areas. We need to buyout slumlords who have taken advantage of our most vulnerable residents living in poverty and slum-like conditions.

3. Do you think Miami is on the right track for addressing sea level rise? Are we taking drastic enough steps?

Sea level rise is indeed a major concern, however it will require federal and State funds to do it correctly. The City on its own will not resolve this issue. The projects needed to address sea level rise will cost well over 1 billion dollars.The City needs to do a better job of working with the state and federal government to find the dollars needed. The residents of the City of Miami should not bear 100% of the costs.

4. Traffic is a major issue for Miami residents and those who pass through. What can we do to get people out of their cars? Particularly to make the city safer for cyclists and pedestrians?

Miami was never designed to get people out of their cars. I am against building more highways or bringing in more rail into the City. This will only make the problem worse and we will have the same problem in 5 years as studies have shown quite clearly.. I believe in free markets and residents will adapt or ultimately leave the City on their own. Sometimes organic solutions make more sense than spending billions of taxpayer dollars in bringing more people into a city that has no infrastructure in place long term to support it. We can however tweak our traffic light system and assign police officers to traffic duty during rush hour hot spots. We also need a temporary moratorium on building in certain high density areas throughout the City.

5. How do you plan to bring in a diverse range of voices in your decision making and to take concerns of unheard populations into account?

As Commissioner I will hold periodic town hall meetings to here what concerns our residents. At the end of the day I represent them and their concerns .My cell phone number is on my website and I have had that number for as long as I can remember. I will be accessible to EVERYONE in my district and outside of it as well.

6. What is one change you want to make that would improve YOUR life in Miami?

I would create more park space for families to enjoy our South Florida outdoor lifestyle. We don’t have enough parks and green spaces in the City.

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