Alloy Bistro, the place to try this week

What: Alloy Bistro

Where: 154 SE 1st Ave 

Why: Just trust on this one

Fave Dish: Goat Loves Mango

You only live once, right? Wrong. Because at Alloy Bistro we died a beautiful death when we walked in the door and saw the crisp, white walls and beautiful wood decor, then came back to life when we tasted the incredibly fresh Mediterranean-inspired dishes. We’re going to gush, because there is literally nothing not to absolutely swoon over when it comes to the newest addition to Downtown Miami’s culinary scene.

This little oasis is nestled in a romantic courtyard in the heart of Downtown. With a lush little garden and Tunisian tiles, it will transport you far away from the concrete jungle to an enchanting little village.  There are few places with a look this perfectly crafted without seeming pretentious.

There is what you know as Mediterranean food, then there is what Executive Chef Federico does. They should really come up with their own word for the dishes they serve. The menu is grounded in French and Tunisian influences, where Federico spent much of this life. The presentation of the dishes is creative, colorful, and well crafted and the flavors are next level.

Although it will be a test of your fortitude, we recommend saving room for dessert. Check out their pineapple cooked for 24 hours and finished in a salted butter, with yogurt espuma, brioche French toast and salted sable. 

In a place like Miami, it’s easy to get a little jaded and think you’ve seen and tried it all. But founders Claudio, Luna, and Federico have given Miami something altogether authentic. The best part? You’re getting an incredible dining experience without feeling like you have to get a second mortgage on your house. It’s only been open about a month, but we hope it sticks around for a long, long time.