Ana Rivas Logan

Ana Rivas Logan

District 40


University of Florida (Started bachelor's degree)

Florida International University (Finished bachelor's degree)

Nova Southeastern University (Master's degree)

Former Miami-Dade County School Board member, former Florida House Representative for District 114 (as a Republican, switched parties in 2014), board member for NALEO, first Hispanic woman to serve on the national level for CUBE's board of directors

Ana Rivas Logan replied to questions via e-mail. 

The controversial education bill, HB 7069, allots public funds to privately owned charter schools. Where do you stand on this issue? 

I would have voted no on this bill.  It was crafted behind closed doors in secrecy.  Bills need to be properly vetted in every committee.

Amendment 2, aka the medical marijuana amendment, passed by 71 percent statewide. But legislation governing the implementation of the amendment has put significant restrictions on its use. Do you think the bill accurately reflects the will of the voters?

The will of the voters was not implemented when crafting the medical marijuana legislation.

There were many open carry bills in the last legislative session and it remains a controversial topic. How would you vote on bills concerning where people can and cannot openly carry guns? 

I will oppose open carry and other gun legislation that expands its current practice in the state of Florida.

What is the most important issue to you as you run for this seat?

That the citizens of Florida District 40 have a representative that is committed to them and delivers real results. That fights to protect the environment and climate change. That brings real solutions to the traffic problems and protects our schools.