Andrew Gillum


Mayor of Tallahassee

Mayor of Tallahassee, former Tallahassee commissioner, former political consultant and organizer

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Gov. Rick Scott can’t run for a third consecutive term, so the race for the next governor of Florida is wide open. The Democratic and Republican primaries have a full slate of diverse candidates, but we chose to focus on the competitive candidates in both races.

Based on the questions you said you had for the candidates, we recapped their stances on the following issues: guns, climate change and the environment, criminal justice, Amendment 4 (aka the Voter Restoration Act, or allowing felons who have completed their sentences to regain their right to vote), and marijuana legalization. The winners of the Republican and Democratic primaries for this seat will face off in the November general election.

Gillum is the mayor of Tallahassee and was elected as the youngest commissioner in the city’s history back in 2003. He’s a Miami native. His campaign has focused on rejecting big industries like U.S. Sugar and private prisons companies while expanding economic and healthcare opportunities across the state. His time as mayor includes an ongoing FBI investigation into whether city hall gave preferential treatment to developers on city projects, particularly through the city’s redevelopment agency. No charges have been filed and Gillum hasn’t been directly tied to any illegal activity.

Gillum’s opponents are Gwen Graham, Jeff Greene, Chris King, Philip Levine, Alex Lundmark and John Wetherbee.


NRA Grade: F

On his website he states that he supports “a ban on assault weapons, large capacity magazines, and bump stocks; strengthening and requiring universal background checks for all gun sales; closing private sale loopholes; restricting gun access for the mentally ill and known foreign and domestic terrorists.” As mayor he also fought to keep a Tallahassee law that bans shooting a gun in a public park.


He plans to prioritize the protection of the Everglades and Lake Okeechobee and to also prepare for potential rollbacks at the federal level to EPA protections and other safeguards by creating protections at the state level. He sees combating climate change as a benefit to both the environment and the state’s economy.

Renewable energy: Gillum said he plans to create a renewable energy portfolio that uses all of the state’s energy sources including things like wind and solar. Additionally he wants to add more resources to the state’s solar energy rebate program.

Criminal justice

He’s called for the end of the “Stand Your Ground” law and also wants to see changes to the state’s bail system in order to “stop disenfranchising people of lower economic means, and work with the legislature to find common ground on minimum sentencing reforms.” Andrew also wants to appoint a diverse group of state Supreme Court justices and judges. He also opposes private prisons.

Voter Restoration ActHe supports Amendment 4, allowing felons who have completed their sentences to regain their right to vote.

Medical and recreational marijuana

He supports the legalization of recreational marijuana.