Ashley Moody

State of Florida


N/A (She had to resign as circuit court judge in order to run for office)

Former federal prosecutor, former circuit court judge

Moody comes from a prominent political family on the Gulf Coast. Going back generations, the Moodys have been mayors, city council members, judges, and bank presidents, the Herald reports. She became the youngest judge in the state in 2006, when she was elected a circuit court judge at 31 years old.

Moody is a former public prosecutor, which, as we explained in our coverage of the circuit court judges in August, can say a lot about her idea of justice – prosecutors tend to believe in a strict interpretation of the law and the consequences that come with violating it.

Moody registered as a Democrat when she was still in high school, although she had registered as a Republican by the end of college. Throughout the primary, her Republican opponents tried to label her as a liberal. She took some pretty hardline conservative stances throughout the campaign, and it’s unclear if that was a response to the attacks or if her views have truly shifted.

Where she stands on Trump and the federal government:

The state attorney general can have a lot of influence over the way federal laws are implemented in the state (case in point: Pam Bondi and the Affordable Care Act). Moody has identified herself as a supporter of President Trump.

The Herald asked Moody whether she would have Florida join legal action to overturn Roe v Wade if elected. Moody evaded a direct answer, but said she would “faithfully defend” a law passed by the legislature.

The Affordable Care Act:

Moody supports the Florida lawsuit to overturn the Affordable Care Act.


Moody is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms. She says on her website: “We must never waiver from from advocating for the freedoms our Founding Fathers demanded, including the right to free speech, the right to keep and bear arms, and the right to be free from reasonable government intrusion.”

She supports the “Stand Your Ground” self-defense law, as well as concealed weapons permits to carry guns on college campuses. She opposes the state’s decision to ban 18-21 year olds from buying guns.

Prosecutorial philosophy:

She says on her website, “I will ardently defend against politicians that violate our separation of powers and fight against activist judges.” What that means: She’s opposed to judges using their rulings as a way to legislate.

Other priorities:

Moody made being pro-life a key component of her platform and also vowed to fight “government overreach into matters of faith.” She also opposes Amendment 4 as it’s written and says she would rather a “streamlined process” to address the backlog of non-violent felons who have applied to get their voting rights back.