At Zaytouna, Syrian refugees start from scratch

WHAT SHE’S DOING: Christa Tawil believes that food can bridge the cultural gaps that separate us. That’s why she founded Zaytouna, an organization by and for Syrian refugee women to help each other resettle in South Florida and gain financial independence. At Zaytouna, the women produce homemade foods from the Middle East, such as baklava, ghraybeh and chocolate zaatar bark.

FUN FACT: Twelve Whole Foods throughout Florida sell Zaytouna foods. You can also order from their website, and they cater, too!

QUOTABLE: “When it comes to food, we all come together,” Christa says. “It doesn’t matter what color, what race, what religion. Food can bridge the cultural differences between us, and that’s what we want Zaytouna to be.”

WANT TO GET INVOLVED? Learn more about the story of Zaytouna in our video interview here.