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Cubans are hooked on Master Chef and Game of Thrones too

Thanks to “el paquete,” a weekly package of media downloaded to personal hard drives, Cubans are getting hooked on the same shows we’re binge watching in the US.

Cuba / August 21, 2016

‘Divine Babeland’: lnside the studios of Latina illustrators

Butter Gallery’s Las Ilustres exhibit is highlighting local female talent. We met up with local favorites, Amliv Sotomayor and Tatiana Suarez to talk about their inspirations and experiences as female artists in Miami.

Art / August 15, 2016

Earl Beaver

District/CircuitDistrict 9Websitehttps://www.facebook.com/earlbeaverforcommissionerdistrict9/homeOccupationDirector of food and nutrition at Signature Health, a health care facilityEducationUniversity of Florida (B.A., Dietary Management)Miami Dade College (A.A.)Relevant ExperienceMany years working with the community, schools, young people, job development training for ex-convicts and kids Why are you running? I want to be part of the process of change and building community and […]

Voter Guide: 2016 Primary / August 12, 2016

Farid Khavari

District/CircuitMiami-Dade CountyWebsitehttp://www.khavariformayor.comOccupationEconomist, author, owner of several small businesses in Germany and the USA in manufacturing, distribution and service, designer of products (received two patents) and researcher.EducationPh.D. in Economics and Political Science, University of Bremen, Germany, 1975Masters in Economics and Social Science, University of Hamburg, Germany, 1973Relevant ExperienceSuccessful inventor and entrepreneur, author of several books on the […]

Voter Guide: 2016 Primary / August 12, 2016

Miguel Eizmendiz

District/CircuitMiami-Dade CountyWebsitehttp://shamevsmoneyandpower.com/index.phpOccupationRetiredEducationUniversity of Havana (B.A., Business Administration)Relevant ExperienceWorked on previous campaigns, included one in Hialeah that was successful. Why are you running? I am stressed and tired of the government corruption. So many politicians ignore their residents. Why are you best qualified? Because I believe it. In my political platform I am promising the voters options […]

Voter Guide: 2016 Primary / August 12, 2016

Alfred Santamaria

District/CircuitMiami-Dade CountyWebsitehttp://santamariaformiamidade.comOccupationConsultantEducationMiami Dade College (A.S.)Florida International University (B.A., Political Science)CELA University (Ph.D., Philosophy)Revelation University (Ph.D., Theology)Relevant ExperienceFormer Congressional Community Liaison, U.S. Congress Worked with South Florida Work Force, in a program called Florida Back to Work, which seeks to strengthen small businesses in Miami- Dade County Previously worked for two local mayors, Coral Gables and Miami-Dade […]

Politics / August 12, 2016

Danny Perez’s “Antibirth” is the perfect contraceptive

Danny Perez’s feature film debut, “Antibirth” is a mix of surrealist visuals and haunting social commentary. What happens when you’re pregnant and you don’t want the baby? Explore Perez’s twisted mind this weekend at Popcorn Fright Film Festival at O Cinema, Wynwood.

Art / August 11, 2016

How Basquiat’s brush strokes paint the Miami experience

Jean-Michel Basquiat’s face is known throughout Miami, but now we’ll finally get to see his work in person and get inside his head with pages out of his notebooks.

Art / August 9, 2016

Lance Bass says Bye Bye Bye to Trump

We couldn’t turn down an opportunity to talk to Lance Bass, especially once we found out he’s all about politics and he’s got a big spot in his heart for Miami.

Politics / July 28, 2016

‘Miami’s not for poor people’: The demolition of Little Farm

The Village of El Portal sold Little Farm trailer park to the Chinese company Wealthy Delight (yes, really), pulling the rug out from under longtime residents. A year-long legal battle ends July 31 with their eviction.

People / July 26, 2016