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8 ways YOU can help tackle our housing affordability crisis

We have a real crisis on your hands. But you don’t have to be an expert in housing or take on this issue as your full time job to make a difference.

Neighborhoods / February 20, 2018

A mother’s view: How do we send our kids to school after Parkland?

If you are a parent in America, you cannot afford the luxury of heaving a sigh of relief because the violence didn’t unfold in your school, church or college. Eventually it will be us.

Your View / February 16, 2018

What to know and what to do about the Stoneman Shooting

Yesterday, the national epidemic of mass shootings landed in our backyard. There are things you can do to try and stop it from happening again.

Politics / February 15, 2018

Why Kubs Lalchandani is running in District 113

District 113 is a hub of entrepreneurship, a center of art and culture, and has maybe the most beautiful beaches in the world. But all of the country’s big issues are also here, like sea level rise, lack of affordable housing, and massive wealth disparity.

Politics / February 4, 2018

What to know about Beckham and Fútbol Miami MLS

On Jan. 29, David Beckham officially announced Miami’s Major League Soccer team. This saga’s been going on awhile. We’ll catch you up.

People / January 29, 2018

President Trump knows nothing about Haitians

Last week, President Trump called Haiti a “shithole” country. He only says that because he doesn’t know Haiti, or Haitians.

Your View / January 15, 2018

Our 12 tips for getting into Basel parties when you’re not VIP

Let’s be real, Miami Art Week is as much about the parties as the art. Here are Chris Adamo’s tips on how to get in the door.

Art / December 3, 2017

Miami and Miami Beach November 2017 election results

(Courtesy of justgrimes/flickr creative commons) The results are in. These are your new leaders (except for District 3, that one’s headed to a runoff), and this is how you voted on your city proposals. City of Miami: Mayor Francis Suarez District 3 This is headed to a runoff because no candidate topped 50 percent. Joe Carollo came […]

Politics / November 7, 2017

This Miami family wins Halloween… again

The Barrow-Horth family celebrates Halloween for a whole week – and spends all year prepping for it.

People / October 30, 2017

City of Miami Voter Guide

Hey City of Miami, listen up: you’ve got an election going down. It’s not getting the attention it should because the mayoral race isn’t competitive. But there’s a seven-person race for the District 3 commission seat, pitting some of the most legacy names in Miami politics against newcomers who want to shake things up. The […]

Politics / October 25, 2017