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Want to clean up Miami AND stay fit? Try plogging.

It’s the latest thing from Scandinavia that the U.S. is obsessing with.

Things to do / June 4, 2018

With Grown, Miami’s got a TV series that keeps it real.

It’s a coming-of-age comedy series written, acted, and produced by two local Haitian-American 20-somethings about dating, cultural identity, and figuring that adulting thing out.

Art / June 1, 2018

American Dream Miami is actually a nightmare

The mega mall/theme park is the opposite of what we need in Miami-Dade County. But I was the only one to vote against it.

Your View / May 28, 2018

Why Alex Segura made Miami the setting for his hit crime fiction series

Alex Segura’s “Pete Fernandez” mystery series puts Miami front and center of every case the main character tackles.

Art / May 21, 2018

Jamila Rowser geeks out about caring for black hair in “Wash Day”

Ahead of Free Comic Book Day Saturday, we talked with local geek girl Jamila Rowser, the author of “Wash Day,” about her super successful first comic, illustrated by Robyn Smith. The slice-of-life comic follows 26-year-old Kimana, a Bronx resident, through a day of caring for her hair, and everything that happens on the sidelines of […]

Art / May 2, 2018

Tips and tricks for cutting down on your trash

Even better than figuring how to recycle right is reducing your trash output in the first place. Here are some ways locals are doing that.

Things to do / April 24, 2018

I picked up a literal ton of trash in our mangrove forests.

If I hadn’t, it would have eventually ended up in your food.

Environment / April 15, 2018

How to compost in Miami

Composting is a great way to be kind to the earth, but Miami does not make it easy to do. We’re here to show you that it is possible.

Environment / April 12, 2018

Three women of color overlooked in SoFlo history

As we started digging during women’s history month into the stories of those who helped to shape the Magic City, we noticed that pretty much all the women getting shoutouts were white. So we asked you for suggestions of women who the history books missed.

History / April 1, 2018

Does ‘never again’ apply to me, too?

I noticed something after the Parkland shooting: that their tragedy gets national headlines, while we have people dropping like flies every day in Liberty City – and for us, there is silence.

Politics / March 25, 2018