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Exploring vintage North Beach

It’s the unpolished jewel of Miami Beach, unpretentious and eclectic, with an international flair and gorgeous architecture at every turn. Discover the history of North Beach with us.

History / November 16, 2015

Shtetl by the Sea

Florida’s Jewish history stretches all the way back to 1565, with more than half a million Jews now calling South Florida home.

History / November 3, 2015

From Nicaragua to Miami

Though often overshadowed, Nicaraguans make up one of the biggest Latino populations in the county. Discover the dramatic story of how and why so many escaped Nicaragua to build a thriving community in South Florida.

History / September 15, 2015

Traditional Cuban meets Nuevo Cubano

Delve into how Little Havana traditions met Miami innovation to transform our city’s food scene.

Food / August 26, 2015

How Cuban food became Miami food

In the first of this two part series, we’re exploring how the evolution of Cuban food in Miami is inextricably linked with the history of Miami’s Cuban culture.

Food / August 19, 2015

Miami restaurants we’ll always remember

As Miami’s restaurant scene ebbs and flows, we’re looking back at some of the restaurants we’ll miss most.

Food / August 12, 2015

From Pride to The Palace: Miami’s LGBT community through the years

From the first gay pride week, to antidiscrimination laws, to the South Beach renaissance, explore Miami’s LGBT history.

History / August 6, 2015

South Beach, then and now

That South Beach life, then and now

As Miami Beach celebrates 100 years, we are looking back at the iconic Lincoln Road.

History / July 22, 2015

Courtesy of Jeff Dekal

Making comics in Miami

Get to know some of the creative minds making comics in South Florida.

Art / June 24, 2015

How Eight Miami-Dade Cities Got Their Names

Many Miami-Dade cities were inspired by the real estate land boom of the 1920s, when soaring dreams met big wallets resulting in some crazy stories and well, some ideas that worked. Get to know the origin stories and some odd history behind eight popular local cities.

Coral Gables / May 15, 2015