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The best “unofficial” 2018 SoBe Wine & Food Festival events

This week marks the start of the 17th annual South Beach Wine & Food Festival, a commemoration of the country’s top chefs, newest food trends, and every libation under the sun.  The five-day extravaganza draws roughly 65,000 people to its 80+ events.   But, the festival is now about so much more than “the festival.” […]

Drink / February 18, 2018

The best places to eat in Miami for vegans and vegetarians

Being a vegan or vegetarian in Miami is no longer terrible. But the good spots, the spots that don’t relegate you to a tiny little corner of the menu, can still be hard to find if you don’t know where to look.

Food / March 15, 2017

Miami is no longer a terrible place to be a vegan

Matthew Kenney brought vegan fine dining to Miami in February 2016, and it seemed a little crazy. Not anymore.

Food / March 10, 2017

The Best of the “Unofficial” South Beach Wine and Food Festival events

Like Art Basel, SOBEWFF has gotten so big that it now has satellite events that are a lot easier – and usually cheaper – to get into. These are the ones we’re excited about.

Things to do / February 22, 2017