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Transit troubles and solutions

Transit Troubles and Solutions

There’s a new committee in Miami-Dade, and they’re considering solutions to our transit woes, from bringing light rail to Miami Beach, to finding better ways to connect Downtown with the sprawl south of Dadeland. Find out what the Transportation Solutions Committee is proposing for Miami, and what sort of challenges lay ahead.

Downtown / July 20, 2015

Overtown’s past meets Overtown’s future

Overtown’s past meets Overtown’s future

The story of historic Overtown, Miami’s second-oldest neighborhood, from its inception to its uncertain future.

History / July 2, 2015

Gridlock: What can fix the Miami traffic problem?

The struggle is real. One study says that Miami drivers can expect to lose an extra 47 hours on the road per year, and almost a thousand dollars in extra costs because of gridlock. Transit advocates, agencies and elected officials weigh in on what it will take to fix Miami traffic problems.

Downtown / May 21, 2015