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Miami Moments on Film

5 Miami Moments in History

Defining moments in Miami history, captured in time at the Wolfson Archives.

History / July 6, 2021

5 weird Florida jobs

There’s a lot of ways to make money out there in the world. But Florida definitely has some of the strangest.

Things to do / December 21, 2015

Unexplored Miami

In our latest photo essay, we set out to discover Downtown Miami with new eyes, from our iconic skyline to the people running corner shops that have been around for decades.

Downtown / November 9, 2015

Five stunning linear parks

Linear parks create trails for walking and riding right through the center of the city. And Miami actually has a couple in the works.

Environment / October 27, 2015

Fighting to stay above water

It’s more than just environmentalists fighting for Miami’s survival. Thousands are coming together to demand real solutions to the looming threat of climate change.

Downtown / October 15, 2015

Waiting for Tropical Storm Erika

Tropical Storm Erika is coming, and whether you’re a native or a newbie, it’s time to get prepared.

Environment / August 28, 2015

Eons: Galactic synthpop from the land of palm trees and neon lights

Serene Machine, the new EP by Miami-duo Eons, has a lush, synth pop sound that’s so chill it feels like it could lower the temperature on a hot summer day.

Music / August 21, 2015

Renda Writer at work

Renda Writer: Poetry in art

He’s an artist and a poet all rolled into one. See how Renda Writer is turning words into art all across Miami with his handwritten murals.

Art / August 12, 2015

Sketchecitos: Woman of the Year

Sketchecitos: Woman of the Year

We’ve got a brand new Sketchecitos for you! See how a night can go from the ultimate in class to down and dirty in all the best ways.

Art / August 3, 2015

Courtesy of Edwin Muhammad

Edwin Muhammad: The Stylistocrat

This native of Liberty City and Little Haiti knows exactly what it takes to make it as a creative in Miami, and he’s working to help others along the way.

Little Haiti / July 28, 2015