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Miami on Film

Exploring the Wolfson Moving Image Archives

At the Wolfson Archives, more than 35,000 hours worth of Miami’s moments have been captured on film and video. They are the definitive repository of all of Florida’s visual history, from home movies to local newscasts. We visited the Wolfson Archives to see exactly what 23 million feet of film looks like in person.

Downtown / July 14, 2015

Exploring the Curious Vault

Exploring the Curious Vault

For decades, The Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science has been amassing quite the eclectic collection of oddities and curiosities. And they’ve been showing them off at special events blending music, art, and science. Here’s your chance to explore the Curious Vault for yourself.

History / July 8, 2015

Miami Moments on Film

5 Miami Moments

Defining moments in Miami history, captured in time at the Wolfson Archives.

History / July 6, 2015


Mike Broder: The super geek behind Supercon

Mike Broder, the man behind Florida Supercon, grew a small gathering of Superman fans into one of the largest comic cons in the country.

People / June 26, 2015


Sketchecitos: Illustrating Miami one story at a time

We’re illustrating Miami, one story at a time, with our new semiregular series of Miami comics by local artists.

Art / June 22, 2015

Astari Nite

Astari Nite: Exploring Miami’s Indie Scene

We sat down with post-punk darlings Astari Nite to talk about the ebb and flow of Miami’s music scene.

Music / June 19, 2015

To-Do: All aboard Miami Soul Train

How do you get people excited about transportation? Throw a party on the Metromover. That’s so Miami.

Downtown / June 4, 2015