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Meet Feeding South Florida’s Paco Vélez

Photo courtesy of Feeding South Florida Hi Paco! What’s your role here in South Florida? As President and CEO of Feeding South Florida, I work with a dynamic team, more than 40,000 volunteers, a giving and generous community, and a committed network of partner agencies to end hunger in South Florida. Where is the impact of […]

Locals to Know / January 30, 2023

Meet School of Whales’ Andrea Petersen

Hi Andrea! What keeps you busy around town? I’m the founder & CEO of School of Whales. The School of Whales? Tell us more. School of Whales is a real estate development crowdfunding platform. In other words, we pool people’s money together and deploy them in cool real estate projects that contribute to Miami continuing to […]

Locals to Know / January 23, 2023

Meet FUNDarte’s Jose Manuel Dominguez

📸: Photo provided by Jose Manuel Dominguez Hi Jose! Tell us a little about what you do here in Miami. I am a performing artist, producer, and educator. In addition to my favorite area — the arts, and the creative process of a piece of art — I am a change-maker and enthusiastic about raising awareness in […]

Locals to Know / January 17, 2023

The walls that divided Miami

Last February, in honor of Black History Month, I watched two different documentaries about Miami’s Black history (and present): “Swing State Florida” and “When Liberty Burns.” Both films made mention of something I had never heard of: a physical wall that separated — and segregated — the Liberty Square housing project in Liberty City from […]

Coconut Grove / January 12, 2023

Meet YoungArts alum JeanCarlo Ramirez

Hey there, JeanCarlo. Who are you and what do you do? I’m a filmmaker, photographer and adventure guide (I host trips to Iceland)! You could say I’m a creative entrepreneur. What neighborhood(s) are you reppin’? The 561 — West Palm Beach. What brings you most alive about the 305? I love going to Miami to […]

Locals to Know / January 9, 2023

Meet Opportunity Miami’s Matt Haggman

📸: Courtesy of Matt Haggman Hello, Matt! What keeps you busy around the 305? I lead Opportunity Miami, a platform focused on helping shape Miami’s economic future by imagining what the Miami of 2040 should look like, and figuring out what we need to do now in order to get there. Opportunity Miami is a program of […]

Locals to Know / December 19, 2022

Meet Opendoor’s Elsa Frieri

📸: Courtesy of Opendoor Hi, Elsa! Why don’t you start with a little bit about what you do at Opendoor? I’m Opendoor‘s South Florida Area Manager. I’m in charge of the properties we buy in the South Florida region, from Homestead to Port Saint Lucie. As an area manager, I ensure properties meet our quality standards. My […]

Locals to Know / December 12, 2022

The 2022 New Tropic Holiday Gift Guide

Courtesy of Herb Neufeld/Flickr Creative Commons 🏝️ Gifts for the beach-goer or boater Valerie S. is the Miami mom behind Joju, a new line of ultra-light, super-soft sun shirts manufactured in Hialeah. “Our mission is to inspire people to enjoy the outdoors safely and comfortably,” says Valerie. Rachel S. recommends a fouta — a Tunisian […]

Things to do / December 9, 2022

Lost Restaurants of Miami: Part V

WHEN IT CAME TO GREAT RESTAURANTS, WE WERE NEVER A BACKWATER TOWN! By Seth H. Bramson As we conclude our series on Greater Miami’s great restaurants of the past, we want to make certain that, for now well more than 100 years, our town has had great places to eat, dine, enjoy a meal or a […]

Food / December 7, 2022

Meet Roberto Uriel, MD

📸: Courtesy of South Florida Pediatrics Hi Dr. Uriel! Tell us a little more about your practice. I am a physician specializing in Pediatrics. What’s a project you’re working on and how can our readers help you with it? I am opening up a second office in the area of Doral — if you or […]

Locals to Know / December 5, 2022