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How Ghazala Salam became bigots’ worst nightmare

9/11 pushed Ghazala Salam into the world of activism, promoting tolerance of the Muslim community. Then she became the target.

People / January 10, 2017

University of Miami and West Grove’s churches team up to fight re-segregation

The churches are the most powerful organization in long marginalized West Grove – and UM’s law school is giving them a megaphone at a critical moment.

Coconut Grove / January 4, 2017

Foreign films with a Miami flavor

When it comes to international films, Miami is becoming one of epicenters for Latin cinema, from the film festivals that are attracting internationally renown movies to the filmgoers packing local theaters showing Spanish-language films.

Art / September 9, 2015

The next generation of Arquitectonica takes on their neighborhood

With daring designs and landmark buildings, Arquitectonica’s Fort family has been iconic on Miami’s skyline and around the globe for decades. Now, siblings Raymond and Marisa Fort are bringing the family’s attention to a smaller project that hits much closer to home — redeveloping their own neighborhood, Coconut Grove.

Brickell / April 29, 2015

20 years of Spam Allstars: A look back at one of Miami’s best bands

The Spam Allstars have been defining Miami’s music scene since 1995, blending classic Latin and Caribbean influences with fresh electronic experimentation in a distinctly Miami mélange that has made them popular the world over and made them our city’s quintessential local band. Get to know these great musicians, learn their backstory, and celebrate 20 years of Spam at an anniversary concert on March 25.

Art / March 24, 2015

Meet the filmmakers who captured “13 Million Voices” in Cuba

Brother and sister filmmaking and activist team Chris and Janelle Gueits are passionate about Cubans and the Cuban-American experience. Their film “13 Million Voices,” a documentary about a 2009 concert for peace in Cuba, freedom of expression and the experience of Cuban youth, debuts at Miami International Film Festival on March 11. Find out what this dynamic duo learned about their heritage, and why they chose to take on this ambitious project.

People / February 26, 2015