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Miami loves a good croqueta, here’s the history of the tasty treat

Miami loves a good croqueta but where did these tasty treats come from? The history goes all the way to France

Food / May 31, 2021

This camp is Miami’s own summer school of rock for young girls and non-binary youth

Since 2015, Miami Girls Rock Camp has been helping empower girls and non-binary youth while teaching them to make music.

Music / July 23, 2019

Did you know… About a Miami man’s role in sunscreen history?

Did you know that one of the most popular suntan lotion brands was created by a Miami Beach pharmacist? We’ve got the story.

History / July 1, 2019

Deauville was a Beach resort

Remember when … the Deauville was a glittering Miami Beach resort?

The Deauville Resort was once a landmark destination for celebrities, tourists, and locals. but in recent years it’s become abandoned and fallen into disrepair.

History / June 17, 2019

Debunking “Let’s Ask an Asian” and helping Miami be more diverse

Local speaker and educator Tony Delarosa thinks discussions around the Asian experience in Miami are on the right track but can definitely be improved.

Your View / May 21, 2019

How to make Miami more inclusive for all

How can Miami become more inclusive? Experts from Florida International University and the Aspen Institute have some ideas.

Civic Engagement / May 14, 2019

Corporate Cocktail Giveaway at PAMM

📷 PAMM Wanna go to a swanky party? We’ve got a great member giveaway for a pair of tickets to the Fifth Annual Corporate Cocktail at PAMM <https://www.pamm.org/calendar/2019/03/pamms-fifth-annual-corporate-cocktail> on May 15, hosted by Bar Bevy <https://www.swanbevy.com/> and Dave Grutman. You’ll get to enjoy an evening of cocktails and networking with emerging professional leaders, who understand […]

Drink / May 1, 2019

Love loudly, and other ways to fight division in Miami

Radical Partners’ 10 Days of Connection initiative wants to bring Miami together to share differing ideas and perspectives.

Advocacy / April 29, 2019

It’s time to talk about Miami’s marine trash

Andrew Otazo picks up marine trash in Bear Cut Preserve. Dear Miami, We need to talk. I’ve been cleaning up your mess for a while, and it’s only getting worse. More specifically, I removed 7,500 pounds (almost four tons) of trash from Bear Cut Preserve over 16 months. I even carried 30 pounds of it […]

Advocacy / April 22, 2019

Looking to start a family in Miami? Here’s some tips from a local expert

If you’re looking to start a family in Miami, here’s a few things you should keep in mind.

Health / April 22, 2019