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Longevity has its place.

Miami artist Adler Guerrier’s sense of place

Untitled (longevity has it’s place) 2017 Graphite, color pencil, enamel paint and solvent transfer on paper 15 x 11.5 inches Courtesy of the artist Haitian-born Miami artist Adler Guerrier creates multidisciplinary art that prods viewers to examine their surroundings, with Miami as his backdrop and his muse. The layers in his work – the layered […]

Art / February 4, 2019

A Miami Gardens resident poses for a photo.

The street photography of Terence Price: Miami Gardens

A Miami Gardens resident poses for a photo. Terence Price If you really want to understand a community, you have to see it through the eyes of the people who live there. In his first solo show, photographer Terence Price takes an  intimate look at Miami Gardens, the neighborhood where he grew up. Emerging from […]

Art / January 15, 2019

2019 election results

Affordable housing is a big issue in Miami, so we want to know your questions about it

Over the next few weeks we’ve decided to explore the issue of affordable housing in Miami. And we want to know your questions and concerns about housing in the city.

Issues: Housing / January 9, 2019

Natasha Del Toro

Meet Natasha, your new director of The New Tropic

Meet your new director of The New Tropic, Natasha Del Toro! (Courtesy of Natasha Del Toro) We love helping you make the most of Miami, and we’re excited to introduce you to your new local director of the New Tropic, Natasha Del Toro, who will be working to help you feel even more connected to your […]

People / December 13, 2018