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A brief history of James Bond in Miami

The opening lines of Goldfinger (1959) by Ian Fleming are as follows: “James Bond, with two double bourbons inside him, sat in the final departure lounge of Miami Airport and though about life and death.”

We’ve all been there, James. We’ve all been there.

History / March 15, 2021

A curious fish tale from the Frost Museum of Science

Once upon a time, 80,000 years ago, a 12-foot fish ate a four-foot fish. Then disaster struck. Enter the Curious Vault to follow the journey of an incredible Matryoshka doll of fish fossils from the Kansas plains, to the Smithsonian, to its Miami home at The Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science.

History / March 12, 2021

Your View: The fight for Miami’s freshwater is happening now

Florida voters overwhelmingly passed Amendment 1 to conserve and buy land to restore the Everglades. The original plan may be our best hope against sea level rise. Nathaniel Sandler asks why the state legislature is screwing it up.

Environment / June 2, 2015

Your View: Miami Beach’s new last call appalls

If you want to party after 2 a.m. on Ocean Drive, you’ll soon have to head inside. Nathaniel Sandler lays out a case for why Miami Beach’s new ban on late-night drink sales sidewalk cafés is short-sighted and superfluous.

Politics / May 22, 2015

Your View: Keep the centennial shady

A book for the Miami Beach Centennial was scrapped last week and the city historian fired because his book showed a bit too much of the city’s underbelly. Nathaniel Sandler argues that part of what makes Miami Beach great — and lovably weird — are the stories no one wants told, and he offers a trip through a few little-known and shadier tales of sunny Miami Beach.

History / March 25, 2015

Does Miami actually care about sea-level rise?

The scientists agree. A task force reported. Even the Pentagon is concerned. So, why don’t more of us care about Miami’s sea level rise problem? Nathaniel Sandler takes aim at apathy here in Atlantis.

Environment / February 10, 2015