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How horses brought Hialeah its heyday

Hialeah Park used to dominate the world of horse racing, attracting elite from around the world. But changes to gambling laws took away the key to its dominance.

Hialeah / June 8, 2016

How selling rights to the sky keeps Miami’s historic buildings alive

Miami has taken steps to make it harder to bulldoze historic buildings — and to make it worth developers’ while to keep them around.

Art / April 11, 2016

The force is with J. Wakefield’s tropical brews

If there’s a place where beers with kumquat and dragon fruit can take off, it’s Miami.

Drink / February 24, 2016

Golden Fig wants to end the Brickell eye roll

The new Brickell restaurant from My Ceviche manager Tomas Prado and former OTC owner Michael Sullivan makes local products the star of the show.

Brickell / February 14, 2016

From Miami to Birdman and back again

Oscar-winning screenwriter Alex Dinelaris was drowning in New York, until Barry University threw him a lifeline. Find out how he went from busing tables to penning award-winning hits like Birdman and On Your Feet.

Art / January 28, 2016

’We don’t want another Wynwood‘

Leaders on Little Haiti’s growing art scene say they are determined to preserve the neighborhood’s cultural identity while building a thriving creative community.

Art / January 21, 2016

Deconstructing art deco

All those iconic art deco buildings were once considered an eyesore, and while Miami was in the midst of a drug war, they were almost torn down. Find out where that unique South Beach look came from, and what it took to preserve it.

History / January 20, 2016

Nochebuena with Pubbelly

Roasted pig on Nochebuena is one of Miami’s most delicious holiday traditions. We sat down with Pubbelly chef José Mendín to talk about Christmas growing up in Puerto Rico and his secrets for the perfect roast.

Food / December 20, 2015

Breaking the cycle of suffering at Lotus House

Miami-Dade County has more than 30,500 homeless people. Nearly 34% of them are women, and mothers with young children represent one of the fastest-growing groups. Learn how Lotus House is helping to give them a second chance.

People / December 15, 2015

Bringing the bling to Miami

There’s a place Downtown that rivals the Diamond District in NYC, and it’s home to some of Miami’s most iconic jewelers. Let’s explore the Seybold Building.

Downtown / December 10, 2015