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Sip into Miami rum culture with Miami Club Rum and Rum Renaissance

Matt Malone recaptured his family’s 100-year-old craft when he founded Miami Club Rum, the city’s first premium rum. Taste Miami Club Rum alongside the world’s finest rums this weekend at Rum Renaissance, a local show for Miami’s favorite spirit.

Things to do / April 17, 2015

From busser to chef, Jimmy Lebron is on the rise at 27 Restaurant

After business school, Lebron taught himself to cook, and he’s been working up the food chain ever since. Find out how hard work and Miami-inspired cooking have pushed chef Jimmy Lebron into the spotlight at 27 Restaurant in Miami Beach.

Food / April 9, 2015

International Whiskey Day: The best whiskey bars in Miami

Happy International Whiskey Day! As Mark Twain said, “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” Raise a glass and savor some specialties at our favorite whiskey bars in Miami.

Drink / March 27, 2015

It’s National Noodle Month! Slurp up the best new Miami noodles

This month, we slurp and twirl with gusto as we join in celebrating the egg and flour creation found across the board in nearly every cuisine in the world. No, this is not a joke. March is national noodle month and to celebrate you should treat yourself to these new noodle dishes that are already developing cult followings around the county.

Food / March 20, 2015