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Get your daily weather report on Sophie Blachet’s Insta

It started out as a joke, but Sophie Lefebvre Blachet has been cataloging Miami’s weather and observing the slow creep of climate change for four years now, through Instagram.

Environment / April 5, 2017

This chance to change the state constitution comes once every 20 years

The Constitutional Review Commission is in town to hear your ideas for amendments.

Politics / April 4, 2017

Why owners say opening a bar or restaurant in Miami is the worst

Opening a restaurant in Miami is a bureaucratic nightmare. And it happens on Miami time.

Business / April 2, 2017

History of Curaçao

Curaçao is a multicultural and textured country unlike any other, with a painful past, which locals pay homage to. As a part of the Netherlands Antilles many residents often freely travel from Holland to Curaçao, creating a truly global paradise.

History / April 1, 2017

All the best things to do during the O, Miami poetry festival

Poetry is cool already, but O, Miami makes it awesome. These are our fave events for O, Miami’s month of poetic shenanigans.

Things to do / March 31, 2017

Miami’s five best farmers markets (and a few extras)

Here are some of our favorite spots to get those greens and support local producers.

Food / March 27, 2017

Do you live near contaminated land?

Miami-Dade has 14 Superfund sites — places were huge chemical accidents happened. We mapped them.

Environment / March 26, 2017

Eight do’s and don’ts to survive Ultra like a local

It’s officially Miami Music Week and our local experts, who went that one time, have got eight tips to make it out alive and not covered in glitter.

Music / March 20, 2017

What to know before the SMART meetings this week

The entire SMART plan will affect your future if you live, work, or play in Miami-Dade County — so listen up.

Transit / March 19, 2017

Watch and learn: How to ride Miami’s jitney

That white van zipping around and letting passengers off kinda at random is more legit than it looks. But the jitney takes some figuring out.

Transit / March 16, 2017