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The Rounds Miami's first zero-waste delivery pick up refill service

Miami startup delivers and refills the perfect pantry, milkman-style – easy and sustainably

Meet: The Rounds, Miami’s first zero-waste delivery pick up and refill service. You’ll want to jump in on this. The Rounds is one of those new superstar startups that has just come to Miami. Not only is The Rounds a first for us, but it’s an environmentally friendly first – it’s Miami’s first zero-waste delivery-refill […]

Business / March 10, 2022

22 ways to make the most of Miami living in 2022

Miami is known for its nightlife, trendy restaurants, crowded cafés, and sunny beaches. It’s a city teeming with great energy, but unfortunately, you’ve been using all of yours to take care of the myriad chores that seem to be multiplying at every turn. Plus, someone has to cook, right? There must be a better way […]

Things to do / January 27, 2022

Wynwood BID locals to know Manny Gonzales the new tropic

Manny Gonzalez shares how Wynwood BID helped make Miami’s iconic art neighborhood what it is today

Join us for a roundtable chat next week with Manny and the executive directors for the Lincoln Road BID and Coconut Grove BID. RSVP to join. Let’s say you’re a small, bustling neighborhood in Miami and you want to — no, need to — grow and progress without sacrificing your unique artistic and industrial character along […]

Business / November 1, 2021