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Miami music in March 2021: Here’s what’s new right now

Afrobeta’s new documentary, “Birthright,” is coming out as part of the Miami Film Festival. 📸: @cristinaisabelrivera Tomorrow is Bandcamp Friday, when more of the money you pay for music goes directly to your favorite artists. But it’s also been a hot minute since we’ve done our infrequent This Week in Miami Music feature, so we […]

Miami / March 4, 2021

Locals to Know: Florencia Franceschetti on making it in Miami

Hustling as an independent creative was hard before the pandemic hit – thriving in the wake of it is nothing short of miraculous. But that’s just what Florencia Franceschetti has managed to do. Here’s her story.

Business / February 26, 2021

Locals to Know: Ryan Pfeffer of The Infatuation talks Miami restaurants and culture

What’s it like interviewing some of Miami’s biggest celebs? How can you support local restaurants right now? What’s a local story you need to pay more attention to? Ryan Pfeffer weighs in.

Drink / February 4, 2021

Miami’s biggest restaurant openings and closings in 2020

This year was a tough one for local businesses, especially restaurants. Here’s a round-up of the biggest restaurant openings and saddest closings of 2020.

Food / December 18, 2020

25 Gifts for Every Miamian on Your Shopping List

From local wine to coffee to clothes to home decor, here’s something for every Miamian on your list — and not just for the holiday season.

Things to do / December 8, 2020

Miami Book Fair 2020: 5 questions with Charles A. Flink on a greener Miami

What can we learn about protecting green spaces? Here’s our interview with an expert on the topic who’s spent 35 years endeavoring to build greener cities.

Things to do / November 19, 2020

The Miami procrastinator’s guide to voting in the 2020 general election

Read this before you head to the polls to make sure you’re an informed voter. And why not share this guide with a friend while you’re at it?

Civics 101 / October 1, 2020

Why right now is the ‘lightning in a bottle’ moment for commuter rail in Miami

When you imagine Miami’s many amenities, mass transit isn’t one of the first things that comes to mind. … But could that change now?

Things to do / September 2, 2020