Bad photoshop: Miamifying the classics

The “Creation of Colada” was the kickoff to my career in bad Photoshop. I remember my mother having the original with God and Adam in the living room when I was really young, and it stuck with me.



Living in Miami, I figured out real quick that everyone has one thing in common: we all love coffee. The colada (liquid crack) is known to be a sign of friendship. You usually get little cups to share with a few chosen ones because if you drink all of it, you will die. (Kidding. Kind of.)

Miamians hold the colada in a very deep part of their heart and many believe the creation of the colada is a gift from God.

“The Lechon Clinic”

I know this piece looks like it belongs, but that’s because it does. A lechon is a whole pig cooked over charcoal, stuffed and delicious. It’s a big deal in Miami culture.  If you have ever been the person giving out the lechon, you have noticed your family start to get a bit anxious waiting to see who’s gonna get the best piece. The scene in “The Agnew Clinic” is the exact same scenario any lechon lover has lived through, complete with the uncle on the side who’s creepin’ just to be first in line.

“Venus de Pastelito”

The moment my aunt stops bringing pastelitos to my family reunion is the day I stop attending my family reunion.

“Surreal Croqueta”

You ever walk into a cafeteria and get a glimpse of a forgotten croqueta? You know, the one that’s been there since the early morning just chillin’ and getting pushed around and picked at as the other croquetas get chosen to be a delicious snack with a cafecito?

Well, I pay attention to that sort of thing, and there’s been plenty of times that my sympathy has made me tell the person behind the counter to let it out of its misery.

This piece symbolizes the passing of time for all of the forgotten croquetas in the world.

“Dogs playing dominoes”

“Dogs playing dominoes” was inspired the day I visited the viejitos playing dominoes at Domino Park. Everyone playing looked so rooted in the game, and everyone around watched in awe. After a couple minutes of cigar fumes and two shots of colada, I began coming up with ideas to make something dope for the domino lovers of Miami.

I immediately pictured the “Dogs Playing Poker” with a little bit of a twist.

Although there are regularly only four players in a domino game, dogs playing it was already out of the ordinary, so I thought… Why not?

This is the just the beginning of my work in the field of Bad Photoshop. If you have more suggestions, just holler’ — and look out for more on Instagram. I’m at mariorestrepo1611.