How I Basel: Featuring Alex Mitow of Superfine!

Alex Mitow is the founder and director of Superfine! – The Fair, a contemporary art fair focused on high-quality, accessibly-priced artwork by galleries and artists sourced from around the globe. Superfine! began in Miami in 2015 but now features full scale editions in New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and a micro fair in Mexico City.

Alex Mitow

For the past few years he’s been glued to his own fair, but he’s been to 12(!) Miami Art Weeks at this point and loves to share his ways of maximizing his art life without getting art overload.

My tips on how to Basel best:

At the end of the day, it’s not Miami Party Week, it’s Miami Art Week. Miami locals have this incredible opportunity to see not only their local art world heroes in finest form but also to discover and collect work from all over the world. If you want to see this incredible spectacle coming back year after year, you have to play a part in it.

  • Buy a ticket to something you’re excited to see
  • Consider building your collection (even if you start with one small work or print) and help make an artist or organizer happy and fulfilled.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and see as much as you can, but also zero in on what you’re drawn to and explore that in depth. It’s not a race.
  • I used to focus on the biggest, baddest installations (there will certainly be no shortage of those), but now I think the way to appreciate Miami Art Week in its fullest is to explore the nooks and crannies of these fairs and exhibitions and find the work that speaks to you, and then think about taking it home.
  • The most important part of the art market is YOU so take advantage of the wonderful weather and exciting art that’s coming to Miami, get out there and find your next piece!

What: Superfine! – The Fair
When: Dec 7 – 10
Where: 56 Northeast 29th Street, Miami
How to go: Buy a ticket here
Why it’s special: When we launched Superfine! back in 2015, the goal was not to create another party-focused art fair trying to one up all the rest, but to create a more inclusive art marketplace where locals and visitors alike can discover and collect new art, and exhibitors can prosper as a result. With that in mind, I’d be remiss in not putting Superfine! at the top of what I recommend in terms of fairs. The prices are fair (70% under $5,000 and works starting in the low hundreds) and you are guaranteed to find art you’ll fall in love with. We have a team that works year round to curate each fair and since our spaces are a bit more compact, you’ll see everything quickly but still have plenty to do.

When: Dec 6 – 10
Where: 801 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach
How to go: Buy tickets here.
Why it’s special: For over the top excitement in contemporary art, we always love visiting SCOPE. Not everything is going to fit in your house, but you’ll definitely be dazzled.

When: Dec 6 – 10
Where: On the beach at Ocean Drive and 12th Street
How to go: Buy tickets here.
Why it’s special: UNTITLED has carved a niche for itself as a curated fair chock full of international galleries, though its ambience may be a bit museum-like for some and its price range higher than what most of us are looking to spend.

When: Dec 7 – 10
Where: Indian Beach Park at 4601 Collins Ave, Miami Beach
How to go: Buy tickets here.
Why it’s special: PULSE has emerged into a Miami Beach favorite, and with a new director (Katelijne de Backer, formerly of The Armory Show and Art New York) I’m really excited to see what new direction they take this year. We’ll definitely plan on stopping by their opening brunch on Thursday, Dec. 7.

What: Midnight Vernissage
When: Dec. 6 at 11:30 p.m.
Where: 56 Northeast 29th Street, Miami
How to go: Buy tickets here.
Why it’s special: This will be Miami Art Week’s first Midnight Vernissage – a witching hour preview of Superfine! 2017 replete with cotton candy topped champagne, costumed performance artists, a harp player, and more surprises. It’s an ideal time to discover artworks while they’re still available, and to get that “sneaking-into-the-museum” feeling in a very grown-up way.

What: OUTshine @ Superfine!
When: Saturday, Dec. 9 from 6:30 – 8 p.m.
Where: 56 Northeast 29th Street, Miami
How to go: Buy tickets here.
Why it’s special: We’re partnering with The New Tropic and OUTshine Film Festival to present our first ever film program within Superfine! Miami. We’ve curated a series of six queer art short films along with festival director Victor Gimenez and are presenting them along with gourmet popcorn, a cocktail by the Vagabond Hotel Pool Bar, and a short panel discussion with myself, Victor, and Chris Adamo from The New Tropic. That will happen in the fair’s back garden and will spill on into arTEA, our beloved LGBT soirée.

What: III Points presents Bjork and Wu-Tang Clan
When: Dec. 5 (Bjork) and Dec. 9 (Wu-Tang Clan)
Where: Mana Wynwood 318 NW 23rd St., Miami
How to go: Bjork tickets and Wu-Tang Clan tickets
Why it’s special: Music fans should make a point of popping over to Wynwood for III Points’ much-anticipated Miami Art Week throw downs.

What: LUSH
When: Dec 7 –  Dec 9
Where: Fancy Nancy Studios, 6728 NE 4th Ave, Miami
How to go: Just show up.
Why it’s special: On the underground tip, we’re definitely planning to pop up to Little River for LUSH, the much-anticipated sequel to artist and curator Stuart Sheldon’s Fancy Nasty from 2015. Featuring artists from patron Kathryn Mikesell’s Fountain Residency, LUSH will take place in Stuart’s Fancy Nasty studio complex and promises not to disappoint.