Tell us what ‘being American’ means to you

What does it mean to be American? It’s complicated.

For Maxeme Tuchman, the CEO of education startup Caribu, it’s about the fact that she can be Cuban and American. For Michael Hall, co-founder of Digital Grass, it’s about opportunity. For Jose Medina of CIC Miami, it comes down to equality, essentially. For Bev Tan Murray, a local writer, it’s about being a work in progress.

Maybe for you, it’s something a little simpler: a day of burgers, beer, and mango batidos or kayaking in our national park.

There are endless ways to define it, and what passport(s) you hold are only part of it… if at all.

What’s yours?

We’d love for you to share it with us, so we’ve made a tool that lets you share your message with our community. Those are some examples above, and it’s super easy to make your own. When you’re done, post it to whatever social media you like best, tag us (@newtropicmiami on Twitter, @thenewtropic on Instagram, and “The New Tropic” on Facebook), and use the hashtag #BeingAmerican.

We hope to make a Facebook album at the end of this that shows just how broad the definition can be.

Here’s how to make and share your own version:

  1. Head over to the meme generator at american.whereby.us.
  2. Start by taking a selfie or grabbing a picture of yourself that you already have. Drag and drop it in the gray picture box.
  3. Slide the toolbar to scale your image to the size you think looks best.
  4. Pick a color to overlay your meme if you want, or leave it as it is.
  5. Now write your message in the message box. Anything goes.
  6. Align that text to be anywhere you like, and change the color of your words if you want.
  7. Click “Download Image” at the bottom and you’re good to go.

Help us spread the conversation

If you’re down to help us spread this far and wide, when you share your personal meme on your fave social media platform, and include this page or american.whereby.us. Tell your friends to tag us so we see it.

Happy 4th of July!

  • M S

    Stolen? Really? She should leave the US right now & go somewhere else!!! So ungrateful it’s disgusting!!! Let’s see if you can do that super edited red photo and the free speech other than here in the USA!

    Of course the Super left wing new tropic puts the idiot in front of all the other great people that recognized the value in being able to live in a free society!

  • Publius Houstoniensis

    The Union may still need perfecting, so check out the Convention of States project.

    In the meanwhile, focus on what you can do, and work on perfecting yourself as a citizen – – fear God, love freedom and rely on yourself.

  • Publius Houstoniensis

    Land stolen from whom? Have you ever seen an Indian land title registration office or recorder of deeds? Property is a bourgeois convention, and the Indians did not have it.

    Although the Aztecs did have racks of skulls at their Templo Mayor in downtown Mexico City, recently dug up and at the Mexican National Museum of Anthropology and History.