Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera

U.S. Congress District 27


Former vice mayor of Doral, w also the city’s first economic development director. Former coordinator of the Commission of Human Rights for the Cuban American National Foundation.

Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera served as vice mayor of Doral and was also the city’s first economic development director. A Cuban immigrant, she formerly served as the coordinator of the Commission of Human Rights for the Cuban American National Foundation. She holds degrees from Miami Dade College and FIU, and certificates from UM. In 2013, she came under scrutiny and faced a failed recall attempt for allegedly violating homestead-exemption rules and not living in the district she represented for a long enough period. She also claims that aliens took her onto a spaceship. (Yes, really.)


NRA grade: N/A

From candidate’s website, she supports:

  • Mental health programs to address children in schools and adults.
  • School programs that address incidents of conduct and special needs.
  • The elimination of the “ Promise Program” that does not report incidents like that of student shooter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to the central registry .
  • Institute the “No Fly No Gun “policy, if you are in the no fly list you should not be able to buy a gun
  • Add domestic violence, date rape, and cross state registration to the national registry.
  • Eliminate private sale of guns with no background check, straw sales and internet sales.
  • Have a minimum of three day waiting period and restrict gun purchases to 21 years old for rapid fire arms except for those individuals registered in the military.
  • Ban bump stocks.


  • Via candidate’s website, she supports:
  • A pathway to citizenship for for those who qualify, in addition to paying back taxes and maintaining a job. To secure opportunities for the millions of good and hardworking immigrants, we need to ensure that undocumented violent criminals and felons are quickly deported and never allowed re-entry.
  • Increase the migrant temporary worker program and create a guest worker program.
  • Review the visa lottery system and move towards a program that focuses on an individual’s merits and skills.
  • Add border agents to reduce legal border crossings.
  • Funding a border wall, whether the wall consist of a combination of technology, concrete or natural habitat.


Via candidate’s website: Supports lowering taxes, decreasing regulations on businesses, investment in transit infrastructure


From the candidate’s website: “We should examine options including tax credits and business incentives that demonstrate a return on investment. I will promote more education and alternatives to gradually embrace environmentally friendly programs (solar, wind, electric and clean coal) that will protect our shorelines and will decrease seashore erosion and flooding.”