18 Black and Latino podcasters owning Miami’s podcast scene

Felecia Hatcher is the author of “Start Your Business on a Ramen Noodle Budget,” a startup advisor and co-founder of Miami’s Code Fever/Black Tech Week. This post was republished with permission.

According to the 2016 Infinite Dial study conducted by Edison, podcasting has grown 23% from 2015 to 2016 with about 57 million Americans listening to at least 5 podcast per week. With that kind of growth nationwide, we’ve seen an explosive underground and mainstream movement here in South Florida, not only with podcast producers but also podcast studios, meet up groups and conferences.

The increase in mobile has given power to podcasts and demand from on-the-go listeners for a broader range of news, opinions and entertainment that they are not getting from traditional outlets. South Florida is home to a very diverse blend of black and hispanic podcasters, tackling topics from entrepreneurial ventures and starting a business after age 40, to social and political issues, tech, gaming, living in Miami and even your menstrual cycle! They’re entertaining. They’re thought provoking. They’re informative. They’re inspiring. Many of the South Florida podcasters on this list have national and global audiences and each offers a unique brand of entertainment to listeners in Florida and beyond.

So let’s take a look at some of the hottest podcasters in South Florida!

Sword and Scale

Hosted by Mike Boudet, the in-depth true crime podcast has been deemed the next Serial. With over 120,000 downloads per episode, Sword and Scale has been ranked in the Top 50 most downloaded shows on iTunes. It uses riveting court testimony, interviews and 911 recordings in its captivating storytelling. Now in it’s third season, episodes release every other week.

Download episodes of Sword and Scale Podcast on iTunes or learn more on host Mike Boudet website at Mikeboudet.com .

The Job Optional Podcast

Jenae Duarte hosts The Job Optional Podcast, created specifically for women of color who are striving to build a small business while simultaneously working a 9-to-5 job, with an ultimate goal of living a “job optional” life. This podcast is ideal for entrepreneurs who are in search of motivation, inspiration and great advice that can be implemented as you strive to achieve your goals.

A truck driver-turned-massage therapist and experienced “side hustler,” Duarte explores a vast array of topics, offering actionable advice and interesting insights. She explores everything from turning your dreams into a reality and harnessing the power of story to building a business while dealing with reality of racism in America. She also examines tips to find your niche and how to survive the “feast or famine” world of the entrepreneur.

Download episodes of The Job Optional Podcast on iTunes or learn more on host Jenae Duarte’s website at JenaeNicole.com.

Gamertag Radio

Hosted by Danny Peña, Peter Toledo and Paris Lilly, the GamerTag Radio podcast just marked its 600th episode. Over the past decade, Peña and his companions have explored a variety of different topics related to gaming and the entertainment industry. It’s a must-catch show for anyone interested in the hottest new video games, gaming systems and the coolest new technology.

Download The GamerTag Radio podcast on iTunes or learn more on the podcast’s official website at GamerTagRadio.com.

The Sales Evangelist

Host and B2B software sales professional Donald Kelley offers sales training, speaking and business marketing tips in his podcast, The Sales Evangelist. This is a great show for business professionals who work in sales and refuse to settle for anything less than “top producer” status!

The Sales Evangelist explores many different topics, often welcoming some of the industry’s top sales and marketing experts to the podcast. You’ll find a vast range of resources and recommendations in Kelly’s podcast too, including tips for using the phone to drive sales, brand-building recommendations, advice for finding motivation and beyond.

Download episodes of The Sales Evangelist on iTunes or check out the official show website at TheSalesEvangelist.com.

The Young and Eager — Podcast

They’re young. They’re eager. And they’re ready to talk about it! Young and Eager is hosted by three young professionals: Eryka, Brandon and Rony. The three hosts first met while volunteering at a local community event. Following their volunteer work, the trio would go out to eat, engaging in some intense and entertaining conversations on topics such as career, goals, professional development, relationships and much more. These lively conversations ultimately evolved into what is now known as The Young and Eager Podcast!

Download The Young and Eager Podcast on iTunes or learn more on the show’s official website at YoungAndEager.net

Her Power Hustle

Peter Shankman, Guy Kawasaki and Dave McClure are just some of the heavy hitters to grace the mic with Her Power Hustle host Michelle Y. Talbert., esq. Every show provides “inspiration and motivation for the perspiration associated with being a woman entrepreneur.” This high energy show is great for women who lack an “in the trenches” mentor to help guide them through the business building process.

From exploring sales strategies and affiliate marketing opportunities, to providing more general advice, guidance and inspiration for female entrepreneurs, host Michelle Y. Talbert strives to offer actionable recommendations and practical tips that enable listeners to achieve greater career success.

Her Power Hustle Podcast is available for download on iTunes. You can also learn more by visiting HerPowerHustle.com.

Planted in Miami

Hosted by Alex and Jeanette Ruiz, Planted in Miami offers a unique perspective about “conscious living” in the wonderful city of Miami. The hosts welcome a diverse range of guests, including community leaders, activists, entrepreneurs and others who are transforming Miami and the city’s image. It’s a must-listen podcast for anyone who lives in or loves the city of Miami!

Download The Planted in Miami podcast on iTunes or learn more on the podcast’s official website at PlantedInMiami.com.

2 Techies

Hosted by Michael Hall founder of Digital Grass, 2 Techies is a series of candid conversations, usually over beer, featuring entrepreneurs of the tech and innovation scene in Miami and across the country. Ranging from current topics to personal passions, these organic conversations show a more laid-back look at the individuals making moves to highlight their cities.

Download 2 Techies podcast on Soundcloud and learn more on the podcast’s parent website at Digigrass.com.

The Midlife Launch

With listeners in over 70 nations across the globe, The Midlife Launch is hosted by Kingsley Grant, who explores the issues that matter to aspiring entrepreneurs age 40 and older. (In fact, it was recently voted as one of the top five most inspirational shows for people over 40!)

Grant examines the issues that matter most to midlife entrepreneurs who are ready to take control of their career, their business, their finances and their future. It’s for those who are ready to make a difference, find freedom, and leave a legacy as they transition from a traditional 9-to-5 job to their own entrepreneurial venture. This podcast offers a unique blend of entrepreneurial coaching and personal development guidance for entrepreneurs who are beyond their 20s or 30s.

“Giving up your life as you know it feels scary and risky… At times you hear that it must be a midlife crisis,” Grant explains, adding, “However, living a life of significance, leaving a legacy behind and living a life of purpose, is more important to you now than before. Each show will offer motivation, tips, free resources, practical steps and transition ideas to help reduce stress, improve energy, focus, faith, happiness and confidence.”

Download episodes of The Midlife Launch on iTunes or learn more by visiting the official podcast website at TheMidlifeLaunch.com.

Sisters in Flow

As a woman, your menstrual cycle impacts your life in some very profound ways. So why not discuss it?

Dr. De’Nicea M. Hilton is the host and founder of the very unique Sisters of Flow. It’s a podcast for women, dedicated to all things period-related. That’s right! The menstrual cycle impacts every woman for a few days each month, but it has long been an “off limits” conversation topic… until now!

The Sisters of Flow take on some very interesting topics, from women’s health issues, playing sports during “that time of month,” and the newest period products, to period-related artwork, and even period-guided business planning and entrepreneurship! If you’re a woman, then this is a show that you can definitely appreciate.

Download episodes of The Sisters of Flow or check out the official Sisters of Flow Facebook page.

4th Quarter Life

Hosted by Anthony Clarke and Steve Dacres,  4th Quarter Life is a fun podcast that makes you feel like the fly on the wall in a conversation when your two younger brothers are plotting to take over the world. This is a funny show for young urban entrepreneurs and progressive thinkers that are seeking growth. They have featured successful entrepreneurs and young professionals picking their brains to see how they did it. Expect to laugh, learn and grow. Download the weekly podcast 4th Quarter Life and check them out online here

University College

Hosted by Vernon Blanson, University College examines a variety of topics related to politics and society, including crime and justice, parenthood, economic empowerment, and issues that impact men and women of color in today’s world.

Oh, and Blanson definitely isn’t afraid to take on controversial issues, such as the Presidential election, black-on-black crime and the recent police shootings involving black men in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Download episodes of The University College Podcast on iTunes or learn more on the show’s official SoundCloud site.