Shaken and stirred with Box Coffee

Bec Milgrom thinks it’s too hot in Miami to drink hot coffee. So don’t ask her to make it.

Cold brew coffee, though? That’s her jam.

The Australian native arrived in Miami after five years working at a craft beer brewery in Oregon. She wanted to keep up the brewing experimentation, but was over the hops.

Less than a year ago, Bec teamed up here in Miami with Lucas Cravero, now her co-founder, who also has a background in beer. The two friends got together to share a cold one, and came up with the idea to start Box Coffee, a cold brew coffee and tea bar inspired by cocktail mixology.  

Bec’s goal was to bring more curiosity and adventure to people’s conception of what coffee is supposed to be. Perhaps with a cold brew mint mojito mocktail?

“What’s more Miami than a Mojito? Nothing,” she says.

The duo’s motto is “maximum deliciousness, maximum fun” and the goal is to get Miamians excited about cold brew coffee. It’s less acidic and with lots more caffeine than regular iced coffee. Bec loves that it doesn’t have a burnt flavor, which she says iced coffee does.

They’ve only been open now for about a month, but as temperatures soar, we suspect they’re going to have no problem attracting customers. They’ve even brightened up their bar space and patio with local Little Haiti artist Kazilla.

“Everything is really about how can we make Miami even better than it already is – and the answer is totally people,” she said.