Carlos Garin

District 5


Broadcaster, artist and actor

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Note: This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

What do you think are the biggest issues facing District 5?

Security. We live in a district with gangs, robberies, prostitution and drugs, where police work is not enough, so we must implement the NETs (Neighborhood Enhancement Teams) and reinforce them with police, a kind of community police that know the citizens and the areas where play. also increase patrol officers on foot and improve public lighting in the areas of greatest impact. For this it is important to provide the police with equipment and funds for this, but it is also very important to work on the training of the population.

What approach do you think the county should take to address public transit?

First of all, I agree with the SMART PLAN, we need safe, fast and ecological long-range lines, which allow us to divide the county into grids and, at the same time, stimulate private investment, that is, short lines of small buses that connect the neighborhoods with the central lines, stimulating at the same time, the competition for better prices, quality service and hundreds of jobs. This controlled formula would also generate strong revenues for the county and decrease the use of private transportation.

How do you think the county should address crime in the district and throughout Miami-Dade?

The candidate deferred to his response to our first question.

Do you support the extension of the Urban Development Boundary and the 836 expressway​?

I support the extension of the urban development boundary and the 836 expressway.

Where do you stand on gun reform and gun control? Do you think enough is being done and do you support the laws that were passed at the state level?

I support the Second Amendment and at the same time I think it should be amended, that is, I believe that more control should be implemented on the sale, including taking these controls to the gun shows, implementing psychological tests, age limits, and a term of three to five days for buyer verification. The Second Amendment is the guarantee of the security of the family and the Republic, we must take care of it and adapt it to the times we live, but it must remain.

How have you prepared to be District 5 Commissioner?

The candidate did not respond to this question.

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