Civic Engagement

Cracking open Creole with Little Haiti Book Festival

(📸: @miamibookfair) Miami Book Fair’s celebration of Haitian Heritage Month, Little Haiti Book Festival, is continuing its virtual programming this week. Creole, Creolish: Regionalisms in Haitian Creole is coming up this weekend, and we got a sneak peek at what to expect from M.J. Fievre, the festival’s director. The panel The experts on the panel, […]

/ May 11, 2021

The Miami procrastinator’s guide to voting in the 2020 general election

Read this before you head to the polls to make sure you’re an informed voter. And why not share this guide with a friend while you’re at it?

/ October 1, 2020

How To Help The Black Collective

As we were compiling places and causes to help you immerse yourself in fighting racial justice, we realized–there are SO many incredible organizations that have been doing just that and more for so long. So we asked them about it.  Name of the Organization: The Black Collective   IG Handle / Website: @theblkcollective In a […]

/ June 11, 2020

How the YWCA is fighting for equality

How the YWCA is getting ready for the future and fighting for equality

/ June 10, 2020

Civics 101: How much do Miami’s leaders get paid?

What kind of salary does a Miami elected official receive? We took a closer look at how much they’re paid.

/ September 25, 2019

Civics 101: Your guide to all of Miami-Dade’s cities, towns and villages

Need a breakdown of all the cities, towns, and villages in Miami-Dade? We’ve got you covered.

/ September 19, 2019

Civics 101: Digging into millage rate in Miami

Ever wondered about millage rates in Miami? We decided to take a closer look.

/ September 17, 2019

Civics 101: How an ordinance becomes official in Miami

How does an ordinance in Miami go from idea to actual law? We took a look at the process.

/ September 11, 2019

Civics 101: How to make your voice heard in Miami

Want to speak up during a public comment period at a Miami meeting? Here’s some tips for making the most of that time.

/ September 6, 2019

These Miami millennials want to attract and keep young talent in the 305

The Miami-Dade Millennial Task Force board is working to attract millennials to Miami and to help solve the problems that cause many of them to leave the city.

/ August 20, 2019