All aboard the Florida East Coast Railway

Before there were highways, there were railroads. Take a train ride into the past and discover the history of the Florida East Coast Railway.

/ February 15, 2021

Black History In Early Miami

In honor of black history month, we’ll take a look at some of the significant events and figures in the course of Miami’s black history, starting with the settlement of the city through the early 1900s. Plus, join us later this month for a Black History Celebration at Yeelen Gallery.

/ February 3, 2021

Take a trip through time in Downtown Miami

We’re a young city with a long history, and nowhere is that more obvious than Downtown. Let’s explore the soaring heights and drastic declines that have defined Miami’s first neighborhood.

/ January 18, 2021

Exploring vintage North Beach

It’s the unpolished jewel of Miami Beach, unpretentious and eclectic, with an international flair and gorgeous architecture at every turn. Discover the history of North Beach with us.

/ January 16, 2021

Miami in January 1915

Mandy Baca is a food- and history-obsessed Miami native, and author of Discovering Vintage Miami (Globe Pequot Press, 2014) and The Sizzling History of Miami Cuisine: Cortaditos, Stone Crabs and Empanadas (The History Press, 2013). With 2015 in full swing, we asked her to take us back in time and tell us what Miami was like 100 years ago. With celebrity-studded spectacles, boating, and biking, Miami history shows that our city has changed quite a lot, and yet hardly at all.

/ January 16, 2021

When did Miami Gardens become a majority black area in Miami-Dade?

One of our readers asked about when Miami Gardens became a predominately black area, and we did some digging to find an answer.

/ February 16, 2020

Spotlight: Bakehouse Art Complex

A recent Bakehouse art exhibit (📸: Mateo Serna Zapata) This weekend, throwback smells at Bakehouse Art Complex. Dade Heritage Trust, Miami’s leading organization for historic preservation and celebration, will be hosting a Baking in Historic Places event tomorrow. (FYI: The non-profit has been on a roll lately and their events quickly sell out — including this […]

/ January 30, 2020

Four historic buildings in downtown Miami to know

Dade Heritage Trust is giving Miami the keys to unlock its cool history. (📸: Alfred Dupont Building) This weekend, Dade Heritage Trust is taking a (very) lucky group of people on a cocktail-based tour of downtown Miami’s most historic venues. Unfortunately, the popular event is sold out. (That’s why they’re so lucky.) But all is […]

/ October 24, 2019

Today’s to-do: A bike ride in Brownsville

The crown jewel of Brownsville: Historic Hampton House (📸: Historic Hampton House) THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Let’s go to Brownsville. Kenneth Kilpatrick is glad he came back to Brownsville.   Kenneth’s grandfather owned Spic N Span, a mom and pop grocery store in the neighborhood, for a number of years. It was Kenneth’s family ties that brought […]

/ October 10, 2019

How did Allapattah become the home to Camillus House and so many medical centers? We’ve got your answer

How did Camillus House and Miami’s medical centers end up in Allapattah? We’ve got the answer.

/ October 2, 2019