Need to know

A new path to affordable housing is coming to Miami

Community land trusts are taking off across the U.S., and the South Florida organization thinks it’s something Miami desperately needs.

/ May 10, 2016

So you want to write in Miami?

Check out these great places to tap your inner creative.

/ April 27, 2016

Miracle Mile might be getting its swagger back

Downtown Coral Gables is tired of being seen as stuffy. Meet the new Miracle Mile.

/ April 25, 2016

How thinking small can change a city

What happens when people stop aiming for the perfect, large-scale urban improvements? Well, a lot.

/ March 24, 2016

Kevin Spacey, Coconut Grove Playhouse’s savior?

The Coconut Grove Playhouse has been vacant a decade, but its devotees think Kevin Spacey can be convinced to help change that.

/ February 24, 2016

Your View: We’re making it easier to save for retirement, so ¡Ahorra, Ahora!

Miami is filled with creatives, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and others for whom saving for retirement is hard. The US government has made it easier.

/ February 23, 2016

Today’s Lyft/Uber showdown

It’s been a 3-year saga. But today, the Board of County Commission is making big decisions that could determine the future of ride-hailing services in Miami-Dade.

/ January 19, 2016

Understanding Florida Redistricting

The redistricting nightmare that cost Florida $8 million might finally be over. Here’s the story from start to finish, and what it means for the state.

/ January 11, 2016