This old house

The people preserving Miami’s roots are doing it from the strangest of places. At the first doctor’s office in Miami, the Dade Heritage Trust is keeping us from erasing our past.

/ February 2, 2016

People to know in Brickell

Businessmen, policy makers, restauranteurs, and preservationists all packed into a 1.19-square-mile neighborhood.

/ February 1, 2016

Where to eat in Brickell

From high-brow dining to grungy late night bites, there’s a ton of great spots to eat in Brickell.

/ February 1, 2016

Where to drink in Brickell

Brickell’s got you covered with everything from late night cocktails to fresh pressed juice.

/ February 1, 2016

What to explore in Brickell

From a spooky mausoleum hidden in Brickell Park to the home of Miami-Dade County’s first physician, there’s plenty to discover in Brickell.

/ February 1, 2016

What issues affect Brickell?

Here are the issues facing Brickell as it grows.

/ February 1, 2016

Brickell history

Explore Brickell’s past, from its early days as “Millionaire’s Row” to the growth of its epic skyline.

/ February 1, 2016

Brickell Guide

Brickell is one of Miami’s densest and fastest growing neighborhoods, packed with condos, office buildings, and some of the city’s most iconic skyscrapers.

/ February 1, 2016

Miami Resolutions: Neighborhoods

Throughout January, we’ve been asking local leaders for their aspirations for the city in 2016. We’re ending our series with experts in building neighborhoods, from developers to preservationists.

/ January 24, 2016

Why integration beats gentrification

Can Miami grow without losing its soul? We’ve seen what happens when communities are displaced by gentrification. With neighborhoods like Little River on the verge of transformation, let’s challenge that narrative.

/ November 29, 2015