Downtown Guide

Downtown is one of the fastest growing areas of the city, a place that looks and feels entirely different than it did even a couple years ago.

/ November 15, 2015

What issues are affecting Downtown Miami?

With a growing residential population, and business booming, there’s a lot to keep track of in Downtown. Here are some of the topics driving conversation in Downtown Miami.

/ November 15, 2015

People to know in Downtown Miami

Thousands of people walk the streets of Downtown Miami. We’ve captured just a few of their stories.

/ November 15, 2015

What to explore in Downtown Miami

Got an afternoon? How about an hour? Check out some of the locals’ favorite places to explore in Downtown Miami.

/ November 15, 2015

Where to drink in Downtown Miami

Do you dig dive bars? Mega clubs? Cool cocktails? We asked you for suggestions about where to drink like you live here in Downtown Miami.

/ November 15, 2015

Where to eat in Downtown Miami

Hungry? We asked the locals where to grab a bite. Here’s a shortlist of where to eat Downtown, as suggested by The New Tropic community.

/ November 15, 2015

Downtown history

If you want to build the future, there’s a lot to be learned from the past. Take a trip back to explore some history of Downtown.

/ November 15, 2015

Unexplored Miami

In our latest photo essay, we set out to discover Downtown Miami with new eyes, from our iconic skyline to the people running corner shops that have been around for decades.

/ November 9, 2015

Your view: Surviving the minimum wage

Making it on the minimum wage in Miami can seem impossible. Local activist Juan Cuba shares what he learned by trying it for himself.

/ November 4, 2015

Downtown dining at Fooq’s

Step into Fooq’s, a New York-inspired bistro serving up locally-sourced French and Persian cuisine in Downtown Miami.

/ November 2, 2015