North Miami

Bridges to the beach: Here’s a brief history of Miami’s coastal causeways

Ever wondered about the history of Miami’s coastal causeways? We took a look at how they came to be.

/ August 26, 2019

Don’t live in Miami or Miami Beach? Here’s when your city or town will talk about the budget

Do you live in a city or town that isn’t Miami or Miami Beach? We’ve got you covered on when you can chime in on your budget process.

/ August 13, 2019

Spotlight on North Miami

Want to learn more about North Miami? We’ve got you covered.

/ August 8, 2019

The North Miami Public Library has more than books

A library for everyoneYou can check out more than just books at this library 🧘Posted by The New Tropic on Wednesday, August 7, 2019We spent weeks in North Miami drinking “The Wine of the Tropics,” eating 30 kinds of homemade cheese, and singing at a bar where drinks are named after the regulars. On our […]

/ August 6, 2019

How did the city of North Miami get such a straightforward name? We’ve got the answer

A reader asked us why North Miami has such an unimaginative name so we decided to figure out why.

/ July 22, 2019

Luna Star Cafe’s owner puts the mom in ‘mom ‘n’ pop’

She puts the "Mom" in Mom-and-PopLuna Star Cafe's regulars haven't missed a week in 23 years.Posted by The New Tropic on Friday, July 19, 2019Alexis Sanfield puts the “Mom” in Mom ‘n’ Pop. The Luna Star Cafe has been in business since 1996 and Alexis he considers herself as “out of the box” as her […]

/ July 22, 2019

Meet your local cheesemakers

Meet your local cheesemakersMimmo's makes specialty cheeses on the daily – by hand.Posted by The New Tropic on Thursday, July 18, 2019Ten years ago, Bruno Ponce started making mozzarella from home with the help of YouTube and his friend Mimmo. Just a few years later, he opened Mimmo’s Mozzarella Market and Cafe, where he makes […]

/ July 18, 2019

What are your questions about North Miami?

Got questions about North Miami? Submit them and we’ll dig for the answers.

/ July 9, 2019

NoMi’s coffee roasters (and pizza makers)

NoMi's coffee roasters (and pizza makers)They're brewing "The Wine of the Tropics."Posted by The New Tropic on Tuesday, July 9, 2019Ever seen a Sivetz in action? This fluid-bed coffee roaster works overtime at Alaska Coffee Roasting Co. in North Miami where your cup of joe is roasted and brewed to order. First established in 1993 […]

/ July 9, 2019