South Dade

Miami’s got a transit fix, but so far no one wants it

Years of mislabeling means Miami-Dade residents don’t even know the transit system they’re rejecting.

/ May 9, 2016

Herbert Hoover and the lost city of Islandia

How a vacuum cleaner mogul made a Florida city disappear.

/ April 5, 2016

Fast facts on the Turkey Point leak

Here’s what you need to know before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission meeting this evening.

/ March 29, 2016

The radiation from Turkey Point should worry you — but not for the reasons you think

You’re not going to grow an extra toe, but that radiation in Biscayne Bay tips us off to something that is a pretty big deal.

/ March 13, 2016

The secrets to making the perfect Knaus Berry cinnamon bun

We got a rare peek into the bakery at the Knaus Berry Farm. Here’s how the South Florida favorite makes those sweet, sweet cinnamon buns.

/ December 27, 2015

Who’s saving Miami’s bees?

South Florida is full of buzzing bees, and they’re doing so much more than just bringing us that sweet, sweet honey.

/ October 19, 2015

Seven Deadly Invasive Species

We’ve got all you need to know about the invasive pests devastating South Florida’s ecosystem, and tips on what you can do to help.

/ June 17, 2015

How Eight Miami-Dade Cities Got Their Names

Many Miami-Dade cities were inspired by the real estate land boom of the 1920s, when soaring dreams met big wallets resulting in some crazy stories and well, some ideas that worked. Get to know the origin stories and some odd history behind eight popular local cities.

/ May 15, 2015

Daniella Levine Cava: Inside the world of a new county commissioner

Daniella Levine Cava is one of only three people in the past 20 years to defeat an incumbent for a spot on the County Commission. Her campaign was well-funded, she knocked on a lot of doors, and her goals were progressive and ambitious. We spent some time with her over the past three months to see how she’s shifting from candidate to commissioner, and to find out how she’s managing her mission for change.

/ February 24, 2015

Five weird Miami plants from our Homestead tour

This weekend, we took a field trip with about 25 friends and members of The New Tropic to RF Orchids, Fruit and Spice Park, and Andres Fish Farm in the Redland. We had a blast, and we learned about plants that grow in our tropical climate — whether they should grow here or not. Meet the weirdest plants we saw, and find out how to see them yourself.

/ February 2, 2015