2017 is the year the Miami River ‘district’ will finally come alive, the Commission says

They’re promising 20 new restaurants, a completely connected riverwalk, and short-term docks so you can motor up to all the new restaurants on the riverfront.

/ January 24, 2017

Sea level rise is starting to sink in for both developers and governments.

Historic preservation could be the big loser in 2017 if governments and developers decide the numbers don’t add up.

/ January 23, 2017

Meet your elected officials, anime style

Cancel everything. This is what we’re doing forever.

/ January 19, 2017

To ‘be seen’: Three Miami women on why they’ll march here on Saturday

More than 10,000 women are expected to show up at Bayfront Park for our local women’s march. Here’s why.

/ January 18, 2017

Everything you need to know about the Miami women’s rally on Saturday

Thousands have said they’ll be at Bayfront Park.

/ January 18, 2017

How to buy a home in Miami, the sinking city

I’m a millennial who wants to own a home that won’t be underwater before I can pay it off.

/ January 16, 2017

FilmGate Miami founder: No tax breaks means we have to collaborate to survive

And that collaboration will bring a whole lot of experimentation.

/ January 10, 2017

How Ghazala Salam became bigots’ worst nightmare

9/11 pushed Ghazala Salam into the world of activism, promoting tolerance of the Muslim community. Then she became the target.

/ January 10, 2017

How house music came to Miami (It was way before Ultra)

Back in the 1980s, when South Beach was basically a retirement community full of cheap real estate, these two guys were driving around playing house music out of a truck. Then came the Winter Music Conference.

/ January 9, 2017

Moonlight is just the beginning of what the black arts community can achieve

Davis says there are wonderful things happening in Brownsville and Liberty City and on the heels of “Moonlight,” 2017 will be a year for nurturing that talent.

/ January 9, 2017