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Here’s how our iconic Miami landmarks are recovering after Irma

What the damage and clean-up processes have been like for a few of Miami’s iconic spots.

/ September 20, 2017

How to help after Hurricane Irma

Find out how to donate and volunteer with Miami organizations and non-profits for Hurricane Irma relief and recovery efforts.

/ September 20, 2017

West Grove comes together to stay cool and fed, post-Irma

Since Hurricane Irma hit Miami, lots of people have been without power. In West Coconut Grove, residents were able to come together to laugh over a good meal.

/ September 12, 2017

The Grove before and after Irma, in photos.

Dinner Key Marina post Irma Hurricane Irma has come and gone, and the 305 is now in rebuild mode. Folks are out on the street wondering what exactly happened in their neighborhood. Here are a few before and after-Irma snapshots of Coconut Grove to help you wrap your head around just how quickly one neighborhood’s […]

/ September 12, 2017

Get Hurricane Irma updates without a TV

Once the power goes out, a battery powered radio will be your best friend. Here are the stations to tune in to.

/ September 6, 2017

Downtown on your downtime

Hop off your workweek grind and take a mental health day to rediscover downtown Miami.

/ August 28, 2017

Destress and refresh in North Beach

Time to destress? Treat yourself to a staycation getaway in Surfside, Sunny Isles, and Bal Harbour.

/ August 24, 2017

This is what the solar eclipse looked like in Miami.

For a few minutes on Aug. 21, 80 percent of the sun was blocked by the moon. The solar eclipse brought everyone outside to get a peek.

/ August 21, 2017

How to do South Beach like a tourist before all the ritzy deals run out

Hop on our last-minute summer plans in South Beach before fall finally hits and the ritzy hotel rates run out.

/ August 21, 2017

What’s your question about Miami?

Got a Miami question? Ask us and we’ll do our best to answer it.

/ August 18, 2017