Where to eat in Wynwood for less than $10

Gone are the days when Wynwood was affordable. The art district turned outdoor shopping mall is laced with upscale boutiques and gourmet restaurants. Yea, you can enjoy the free public art, but what happens when you get hungry? Even if you’re just looking for a quick bite, most lunches average at least $10.

As delicious as that Miam house sandwich might be, it’s not sustainable to be dropping that kind of cash on a sandwich regularly.

But if you look hard enough, you can still find some spots. We’ve got you with some of the cheapest and tastiest spots for noms that fall within the neighborhood’s brightly painted boundaries.

La Fama Cafeteria

3040 NW 2nd Ave.

This hole in the wall spot loads your plate with hearty Cuban and Puerto Rican classics at reasonable prices. You can literally get a palomilla steak with rice, beans, and a side for $7.45. That’s kind of a deal anywhere in the city, not just Wynwood.


186 NE 29th St.

This is a Wynwood staple. It’s one of the few spots in the area that has withstood the test of gentrification and hasn’t sacrificed quality or quantity. A breakfast special gets you two eggs, meat, a cafe con leche, toast AND orange juice for $3.75.

El Bajareque Restaurant

278 NW 36th St.

This Puerto Rican restaurant has been representing for the neighborhood’s original demographic for the past 40 years. Everything is delicious, cheap, and homemade. You can get a pastele (similar to Cuban tamales) for $2.

Wynwood Cafe

450 NW 27th St.

Inside the Wynwood Warehouse Project you’ll find one of the few cheap cafes in the neighborhood. Their sandwiches, like the prosciutto sandwich, cost an average of $3 and are incredibly tasty. Make sure to enter on 5th avenue.

Ming Yuan Restaurant

3006 NW 2nd Ave.

It’s not easy finding good Chinese food in Miami. But not far away from La Fama, you’ll find Ming Yuan, which is Wynwood’s most affordable spot for your fried rice cravings. For $5.95 you can have enough General Tso’s Chicken for lunch and dinner.