What questions do you have about this year’s local Miami elections?

The City of Miami has local elections on Nov. 7. And although mayoral candidate Francis Suarez has no legit opponent, there’s still a lot to talk about.

We’ll be breaking down the races and ballot referenda in our voter guide coming out soon. But first we want to hear what questions you’ve got heading into this election.

There are two issues that stick out to us every day when we peep outside our office, which is on the border of Wynwood, Overtown, and Allapattah.

A tale of two cities: The City of Miami includes financial hub Brickell and ritzy Design District, but also chronically under-resourced communities like Overtown and Liberty City. And the gap between these neighborhoods is growing. When residents of some neighborhoods are dealing with ongoing gun violence and not enough grocery stores to help feed their families, they can’t think about long-term challenges, like sea level rise. Figuring out how to grow inclusively will be one of the key challenges facing the next leaders of Miami.

Transit: Despite exciting projects like the Underline, it’s still just really, really hard to get around Miami without a car. And while high-density neighborhoods (i.e. Brickell, Downtown, Edgewater) are easier to serve with public transit, they are a traffic nightmare until that transit is built. (Anyone who’s tried to get somewhere in Brickell at 8:30 a.m. on a weekday in a car is rolling their eyes so hard right now.)

So we want to know from you: What questions do you have for candidates about the challenges the city of Miami faces?

Here are some to get you thinking:

  • How do you want to see your money spent?
  • Are there public projects you have questions about?
  • Are you satisfied with the biking infrastructure in your neighborhood?

Tell us yours, below!