The Climate Ribbon isn’t just an expensive overhang

“It’s not always the big things we do, it’s the small things we could do that make a difference.” Steve Owens, long-time president of Swire Properties, talks leading with sustainability while planning Miami’s most recent mega-development Brickell City Centre. Unifying the sprawling downtown behemoth is a first-of-its-kind climate ribbon – an enormous overhead trellis designed to create a micro-climate by capturing cooling ocean trade winds. The sculpture-like structure will ventilate the shopping center, and provide shelter and solar shading.

Local green-tech incubator and accelerator EcoTech is celebrating two years of taking Miami into a greener future with community festival EcoFest on Nov. 17 and fundraiser EcoFête on Nov. 19. Proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit their new, net-zero facility in the heart of the Green Corridor.

By The New Tropic Creative Studio
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