Coconut Grove Guide

Welcome to lush, historic Coconut Grove. As a city that predates Miami, the Grove has always marched to the beat of its own drum, mixing its early Bahamian influence with its modern bohemian vibe. Grovites, as they sometimes call themselves, are fiercely proud and protective of the place they call home, but they’re also going to welcome you with open arms in their parks, at their historic sites, and at the many delicious restaurants.

  • TBone

    I love The Grove. While Miami overall is great, I would live nowhere else but in this beautiful neighborhood. I’m not excited about the glitzy changes around here, but I’ll continue to believe that our sprawling parks, uncluttered Biscayne waterfront and historic buildings and homes will not be lost to careless developers. I hope that small local business owners, including commercial fishing and small charters will not be “priced out.” They are integral to this community’s attraction. I hope the Bahamian sector stays real and thrives economically. When people are displaced from their traditional communities, it’s sad.