Why Downtown Miami’s getting Complete Streets

Maybe you’ve noticed SE/SW 1st is getting a little facelift. As Downtown Miami’s first Complete Streets pilot project, the Miami Downtown Development Authority is repurposing the three-lane street. In addition to a car lane, the street will now accommodate dedicated bus and bike lanes to provide choices for people to move downtown. (And no, it won’t affect the current on-street parking situation).

“It’s about street design and creating streets for people no matter how they move,” said Fabian Fabian De La Espriella, an urban designer and transportation planning manager with the Miami DDA.

Complete Streets is a nationwide initiative and design approach to street planning that enables convenient and comfortable travel for everyone.The initiative has been a collaborative approach between the Miami DDA, Miami-Dade County, and the City of Miami, along with support from the Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTPW) and the Health Foundation of South Florida.

By WhereBy.Us Creative Studio
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  • dontdoit

    The only way my two wheels goes near a car is if its on top of it going to Oleta.
    I met a guy the other day as we waited for the bridge to close, he was on his 10k of Trek, me in my car, as always (even though he was in his 70’s) I asked ‘what would your Mum say’ and it seems to resonate through all the Pirelli emblazoned spandex, yeah you are right, let me get the #### of this road, what was I thinking, although he didn’t say it I knew what he was thinking.
    Its amazing how professional six figure ordinarily statistic driven individuals will expose themselves to death or horrible months of rehab, forget about breathing in all the fumes/dust.

  • Eileen Higgins

    Since the bus and bike lanes are not protected, will police be ticketing drivers who decide to drive in these areas? Also, what about people who just decide to park in the bus lane? The video shows cars parked in the middle of the bus lane. Would they be towed? This project requires drivers to “learn” how to share the street – so there must be enforcement. I live downtown … and am very much looking forward to seeing this happen for pedestrians, bikers, and bus riders. If this project can improve the timeliness of buses leaving government center headed to Biscayne Blvd & the beach, many bus riders (including me) will be thrilled.

  • Ruben Sanchez-Realtor

    I would like to know how they plan to follow up with this implementation? I walk this street multiple times a day and no one has respected the lanes, i.e. cops, buses and transit drivers (even postal service as per your picture). Bikers keep on riding bikes on the sidewalk. Any information on this and how they plan to measure the productivity of this implementation? Thanks.