How to contact your County Commissioner

First, peep this map to figure out who your commissioner is. Then give them a shout! These are all of their details.

District   1 – Barbara J. Jordan
Twitter: @BJordan2012
Facebook: Commissioner Barbara J. Jordan
Email: [email protected]
Downtown Office: 305-375-5694
District Office: 305-474-3011

District   2 – Jean Monestime
Twitter: @jeanmonestime
Facebook: Commissioner Jean Monestime
Email: [email protected]
Downtown Office: 305-375-4833
District Office: 305-694-2779

District   3 – Audrey Edmonson
Twitter: @AudreyMEdmonson
Facebook: Commissioner Audrey Edmonson
Email: [email protected]
Downtown Office: 305-375-5393
District Office: 305-636-2331

District   4 – Sally A. Heyman
Twitter: N/A
Facebook: Commissioner Sally A. Heyman
Email: [email protected]
Downtown Office: 305-375-5128
District Office: 305-787-5999

District   5 – Bruno A. Barreiro
Twitter: @BarreiroFL
Facebook: Bruno A. Barreiro
Email: [email protected]
Downtown Office: 305-643-8525
District Office: 305-673-7743

District   6 – Rebeca Sosa
Twitter: @RebecaSosaMiami
Facebook: Commissioner Rebeca Sosa
Email: [email protected]
Downtown Office: 305-375-5696
District Office: 305-267-6377

District   7 – Xavier L. Suarez
Twitter: @XavierLSuarez1
Facebook: Xavier Suarez
Email: [email protected]
South Miami District Office: 305-669-4003
Coconut Grove Office: 305-694-3550

District   8 – Daniella Levine Cava
Twitter: @DLCAVA
Facebook: Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava
Email: [email protected]
Downtown Office: 305-375-5218
District Office: 305-378-6677

District   9 – Dennis C. Moss
Twitter: @DennisCMoss
Facebook: Commission Chairman Dennis C. Moss
Email: [email protected]
Downtown Office: 305-375-4832
District Office: 305-234-4938
Florida City Office: 305-245-4420

District 10 – Javier D. Souto
Twitter: @JavierSoutoD10
Facebook: Commissioner Javier D. Souto
Email: [email protected]
Downtown Office: 305-375-4835
District Office: 305-222-2116

District 11 – Juan C. Zapata
Twitter: @JuanCZapata
Facebook: Commissioner Juan C. Zapata
Email: [email protected]
District Office: 305-375-5511

District 12 – Jose “Pepe” Diaz
Twitter: @CommishDiaz
Facebook: Jose Pepe Diaz
Email: [email protected]
Downtown Office: 305-375-4343
District Office: 305-599-1200

District 13 – Esteban Bovo, Jr.
Twitter: @CommBovo
Facebook: Commissioner Esteban Bovo, Jr.
Email: [email protected]
Downtown Office: 305-375-4831
District Office: 305-820-8424