Contributing to the health of West Kendall and beyond

Baptist Health cares about supporting the health of our local neighborhoods and building strong communities. The recent addition of a full-service emergency center in West Kendall, coupled with the established West Kendall Baptist Hospital just five miles away, shows that.

Expanding across South Florida, it’s the largest healthcare provider and one of the largest employers in the region with 10 hospitals and more than 90 physician practices and outpatient and urgent care facilities.      

Baptist Health also cares about the storytelling in the neighborhoods it serves. That’s why it’s supporting The New Tropic in highlighting the stories of West Kendall, like the skating community at Kendall Ice Arena and ways for residents to get actively involved in our area. Plus they sponsor fun community events like goat yoga.  

Big thanks to Baptist Health for supporting this work and making it possible for us to dive into our neighborhoods with the depth, context, and authenticity they deserve.

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By The New Tropic Creative Studio
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