Video: History meets hospitality at the Copper Door B&B

Chefs Jamila Ross and Akino West recently converted an abandoned 1940s motel in historic Overtown into a vintage-styled bed-and-breakfast concept that’s equal parts love and hospitality.

The Copper Door B&B features 22 rooms, three private suites, and a banquet table where travelers can share stories over a homemade breakfast prepared by the couple.

Sure, you’ve heard about soul food in Overtown, but what Jamila and Akino are whipping up for their guests isn’t quite soul food. As one Japanese traveler puts it, “Their food has soul.” And that’s different.

“We actually stay on site, we cook breakfast for all of our guests, it’s more of an intimate feel,” says Akino. “And we get to know our guests.”

Each morning, guests can expect to be surprised by a dish that’s either sweet or savory, but always made with love, from scratch. 

The Copper Door B&B is the kind of place where locals will rent a room for the night, just for a seat at the breakfast table in the morning.